Sassy’s Hairspray

A couple of weeks ago, Sassy had a spring concert with her show choir.  Show choir is a group at her middle school that the kids had to try out for.  She was so excited when she made the group!  And then even more excited as they began to practice and she was picked for a solo.  Her teacher had chosen a medley from the musical Hairspray.

hairspray musical, music solo

hairspray musical

hairspray musical

It was fun to see how each child dressed for the era.

Sassy rocked her solo!

The group got to perform on two different nights.  The first night my parents went with us.

The second night, they came again, along with my SIL and niece, Hoppy.

Hoppy loved the show!

She brought her usual bunny companion.

Bunny with a view.

Bunny roadkill.

After the show, we had to celebrate with ice cream.  It was mandatory.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What I ate yesterday:

  • Morning: Iced coffee = 12 oz. coffee, plus 1/4 cup coconut creme creamer & 2 packets of Splenda.
  • Breakfast: Veggie egg scramble = Spinach, sweet onion, & mushrooms sautéed in 1t olive oil, 1 Weight Watchers Smoked-flavored string cheese, one egg, one egg white. All topped with salsa.
  • Snack: Weight Watchers Toasted Coconut Mini Bar
  • Lunch: Open face sandwich = whole wheat toast, 1 Laughing Cow garlic & herb wedge, cucumber slices. Fuji apple with 2T of PB2.
  • Snack: 1/2 cup Simply Kraft Cottage Cheese with 12 grapes cut in half & mixed in.
  • Dinner: (1/12 of casserole dish) piece of Greek lasagna
  • Snack: Weight Watchers Key Lime Pie Mini Bar

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have you ever been in a choir?  Nope.  Not a fan of signing in front of people.  Except my children.  I sing in front of them all the time.  I am sure they are so happy to be my captive audience.


12 thoughts on “Sassy’s Hairspray

  1. olivetorun

    Seriously, adorable!
    Love the iced coffee in the mornings…. All I need is a little skim milk and some cinnamon in mine and I’m in heaven! ❤


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