Summer of Chevron & Softball

Hi Friends!  How was your weekend?  I hope it was pretty awesome!  Update:  Can you tell I started this post on Monday morning.  Blogger fail.

Ours was full of its usual, busyness.  Why does it seem we are so much busier in the summer?

Friday was the girls’ last day of school!  Sadly, the sun did not come out to play.  It was raining.  Actually, raining does not even begin to describe the amount of water that was falling out of the sky.  It was the hardest, fastest falling rain I have ever seen.  It was coming down so fast, many roads were flooded.  When we left to take the girls to their bus stop, the first corner we came to was entirely rushing water.  Not a fun sight.  When we made it to the bus stop, it was almost entirely under water, too.

flash flooding

(Instagram:  whinelessbreathemore)

I had to park strategically in order for OMG Becky to not step into the water when she got out of the car.  Sassy was enjoying the show.

Lucky for her, when it was time for her bus on the same corner 50 minutes later, the water had receded.

Between getting the girls on their buses, I checked out my parents’ pool.  They were out-of-town and had left me in charge of it.  Of course, Mother Nature chooses that time to dump on us.  I found their pool about to overflow!

full pool

This picture was AFTER I had already drained a lot of water off of it and the rain had let up significantly.

Friday night we celebrated the end of the school year with dinner at home (me cooking is always a celebrated, rare occasion!  ;-)) and a movie.

Greek lasagna.

Vegetarian Greek Lasagna

Vegetarian Greek Lasagna

Vegetarian Greek Lasagna

So good!

Saturday brought another softball tournament for OMG Becky.  We live at the softball parks in the summer.  Love it!

She had three games on Saturday.  It was cool and rainy.  I wished I had worn warmer clothes.  Thank goodness I had brought an umbrella.

There was a few hours to blow between the second and third games and she was starving.  We let her pick where she wanted to go for lunch.  Her choice?  IHOP.  She had a craving for pancakes.  Guess she wanted to carb load?


She went with CINN-A-STACK pancakes, spinach & mushroom omelet for me, and chocolate chocolate chip pancakes for Sassy.  This definitely hit the spot and warmed our bellies.  Good choice, OMG Becky!

After that we headed to Target for an ice pack for her knee.  We may have been drawn in by the 70% off clearance sign in the activewear section.  CLEARANCE!  70% OFF!  You know you would have had to check it out, too.  I was so good though!  I only bought a new shirt for each daughter and a pair of shorts for myself.

And then I may have bought myself a swimsuit.  But again, it’s not my fault.  Blame the chevron for being so pretty.

chevron swimsuit

(Instagram:  whinelessbreathemore)

And it is the Summer of Chevron.  I may have made that up…

Then it was back to the park for our third.  After that, we headed home to relax.  One of her teammates came over to spend the night.  Not sure how much fun they had because we received word around 8:30 PM that our first game on Sunday would be early.  Like arrive at the park at 7:00 AM early.  We had rented a movie, but there was no time for them to watch it.  It was basically a take a shower, wash uniforms, eat dinner and go to bed so we can get up early night.

And early to rise we were.  5:30 AM came too quickly!  I was smart enough to wear warmer clothes instead of the shorts and T-shirt from the day before.  Pant, shirt and jacket, blanket and I was still cold!  At least it didn’t rain on us.  The girls made sure to get dirty.  Headfirst sliding practice before the game is always fun.  We want to make sure their uniforms are as dirty as possible, I suppose.

softball headfirst slide

Heads or tails?  Tails.  Tails it is! We will take the field, Ump!

softball game

By the ned of the game, it looked like it could pour down rain at any moment.  And it did shortly after we left the park.  Another soggy day.

softball game

It’s weird how much rain we are getting.  It’s been the coolest, wettest May/June I can ever remember.  Usually the heat and humidity are stifling by now.  Would be great weather if I could run!  

Are you having an abnormal amount of rain in your area, too?  


4 thoughts on “Summer of Chevron & Softball

  1. Kim

    We are having way too much rain – I’m ready for some heat and sunshine so I can start working on my tan!
    The greek lasagna looks good – do you have the recipe?


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