Another Round at the Hospital

And this time, it wasn’t for me!

OMG Becky’s knee was really bothering her since her practice on Sunday.  It’s been swelling off and on since May 16th when she slid into a base.  I called her pediatrician on Tuesday morning and got her an appointment for that afternoon.  Her pediatrician referred us to a sports medicine pediatrician and wanted us to be seen within 48 hours.  She also sent us on for X-rays that same day so we would have them in hand for the other doctor.

I called the sports medicine doctors office first thing yesterday morning explaining our situation.  They informed me the first available appointment was June 7th.  Um, that is not within 48 hours.  I reiterated that our referring pediatrician felt it was important my daughter be seen within 48 hours.  If they couldn’t do that, I would get a referral for someplace else. Bingo.  They had an appointment in 75 minutes.  Could we be there at that time?  On our way!

I went and picked OMG Becky up at school and got there with a few minutes to spare.

Hard to tell it’s a children’s hospital, isn’t it?  😉

We even had an interesting sight on the way.  A man with a ladder on top of this building.

OMG Becky was scared for him!

Once inside the hospital, this sight got even more interesting.  We noticed a second man on the room and then both men started rappelling down the other side of the wall to rest on a large sign/lettering!

Now OMG Becky has rappelled before.  She went off a university stadium in 2011…

But watching these guys was too much for her.

Lucky for her, they called us into the exam room immediately.  They had the usual clipboard with a questionnaire to be filled out.  Silly girl offered to do it.  Go for it!

Notice her less than matching socks.  I know it’s “cool” but it drives me nuts when they are this opposite.  Mom rant over.

The doctor didn’t see anything helpful on the x-rays, so he sent us for an ultrasound.  They were able to make us an appointment for their in-house lab in one hour.  The nurse actually walked us over and was able to get us in almost immediately.  But not before OMG Becky got a chance to play with this magnetic labyrinth toy.

Once inside the room for the ultrasound, I asked the tech if I could take pictures, but she said they weren’t allowed.  Must be a rule specific to their hospital since I was allowed to take pictures of my ultrasound just a couple of weeks ago.  I waited until she was out of the room to take a couple pictures anyway. I am such a rebel.  OMG Becky was not happy with me breaking the rules and threatened to tell!  What the heck?!

I told her “snitches get stitches” and gave her a hard poke in the leg to prove my point.  Don’t worry, it was her good leg.  I’m not a totally mean mom.

But I wanted to take a picture to show you the rotating light show they had on the ceiling!

It was fun!  It had a sun, moon, rocket, stars, skyscrapers, and fireworks.  My ultrasound room was not that cool.  Kids get all the neat stuff.

After the ultrasound, we were sent back to a sports medicine exam room to see the doctor again.  Another fun room, but OMG Becky won’t play with any of the toys.

When the doctor came in, he said could see the fluid and swelling, but still not what was causing it.  He did determine her bursae (fluid sacs) around her knee were not the issue.  On to the next step.  An MRI.  They were able to schedule us for an early morning appointment at another of their locations.  And by early morning, I mean a 7:00 AM appointment with a 6:45 arrival time.  Fun.

Back to school for OMG Becky.  It was a long morning for her.  This is how I found her when I came to pick her up at my parents’ house just 30 minutes after her bus dropped her off.

Sound asleep, mismatched socks and all.

This moring, we arrived at the hospital for her MRI.  There was major security which was new to us.  They had to verify we were on the appointment list.  Then I had to show my driver’s license, which was scanned and a name tag issued for me.

name tag

Yep, that is my driver’s license photo.  With bangs.  Bangs that took me FOREVER to grow out!  And I have red hair in that photo.  Did you know me when I had red hair?

red hair

I loved my red hair!  I kept it for about 18 months.  Then decided I should go back to my natural color right before moving back to the Midwest.  I loved my stylist/friend in Oregon and since I couldn’t convince her to move with me, I needed to get back to my easier to maintain color.

Back to OMG Becky…

They had us in an exam room where I filled out another questionnaire for the MRI.  OMG Becky allowed me to take two photos and then told me “enough.”  Aye, aye Captain.

She was excited when the tech told her she could pick out a movie to watch during the 40 minute MRI.  She picked 17 Again.  She later informed me she wore some sort of goggles that the movie played in, complete with ear phones and a microphone.  Awesome!  She really liked them and said it helped tremendously to not be freaked out about the procedure itself.  Well played, children’s hospital, well played.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed in the MRI area.  Even without an ankle full of metal, I wouldn’t be allowed.  So out to the waiting room I went.  At least it was entertaining with fun murals and two TV’s playing the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

waiting room

Okay, I liked the murals but could have done without the TV.  No worries.  I was smart enough to bring my tablet and was able to take advantage of their free WiFi.

Also in the waiting room, was a sign I noticed after being there a good 30 minutes.  “No food or drinks allowed in this area.”

Oops.  But in my defense, I was still half asleep and that coffee felt like part of my hand.  Most days it really is part of my hand.

About an hour later, OMG Becky was done and we were on our way to drop her off at school.  (Tomorrow is their last day of the year!)  Her doctor was off today, but I talked to his nurse.  She said he would look at the results tomorrow morning and then call me with what was next.  Fingers crossed it’s good news!

Have you ever had an MRI?  Nope.

Have you ever gone rappelling?  No, again.

Do you color your hair?  Is it your natural color?

What was the last movie you watched?  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.


5 thoughts on “Another Round at the Hospital

  1. Kim

    I’ve had an MRI and maybe goggles and a movie would have helped because it was terrifying – my whole body was in a tunnel and I sort-of freaked out!!!
    I’m not sure of my natural color anymore – several years back I think we came close but the gray started showing so I told my long-time hair dresser to FIX it quickly!!!

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