PDA, Swimsuit & Metal Horse

It is foolish and wrong to

mourn the men who died.

Rather we should thank

God that such men lived.

-General George S. Patton

memorial day

(photo by Beverly & Pack)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday was a pretty busy day for us.  Not a rushed day, it just seemed to be non-stop, but in a good way.

It started with church, where there was a little PDA going on with my parents.

So embarrassing.  😉

After church we headed to Target.  OMG Becky hadn’t gotten a new swimsuit for this summer yet.   We found six suits she liked and wanted to try on.


She found a keeper!

How cute is this suit?!  The website says it’s a coral color, but it is more of a neon orange in person.  Love!  Neon makes me happy.

bikini swimsuit


Next it was lunch time.

chipotle mexican grill

Mmmmm, Chipotle.

On the way there, we had to go through a round about.  This has to be the prettiest roundabout in town!

metal horse sculpture

Gorgeous horse sculpture complete surrounded by rose bushes.

Then it was softball practice for both girls.  OMG Becky’s was three hours long, but Sassy’s was cancelled at the last-minute.

Next we hit up the grocery store.  As soon as we parked, I noticed something odd in the backseat of the car next to us…

What the hay?!  That is just a mess in the making.

Part of our grocery list included items for a pasta salad I need to make for Memorial Day.  One of the ingredients was a bell pepper.  I wanted an orange or yellow bell pepper since the recipe also called for a green cucumber and red tomatoes in the salad.  More color is more fun!

They didn’t have an orange pepper, but they did have yellow.  And they were huge!

bell peppers

I made the comment to OMG Becky that I wondered if they had a pepper smaller than my foot.  Some man walking by overhead me and started laughing.  I wasn’t really trying to be funny, I seriously wanted a smaller, yellow pepper.

OMG Becky thought these small potatoes were “so cute!”  She insisted I take a picture of her with them.

Please ignore the dirt and sweat she is sporting.   Not a fun car ride home.  I had to turn off the AC and roll down the windows!  Stinky!  She said it is payback to me from when I would run with my running group early mornings in Oregon and then hurry home to pick them up for school.  This was in the middle of winter when it was usually raining (& occasionally snowing) and we couldn’t roll down the windows.  They would be stuck in my smelly, sweat box of a car.  Oh the memories we create as an active family.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

After stopping at our house to drop off the groceries, we went to my parents to swim and for dinner.

Well OMG Becky didn’t actually swim.  She used the cold water as more of an ice bath.  She slid into second base a little more than a week ago and her right knee is still bothering her.

We have been wrapping and icing it.  It will be okay for a day or so, then she goes to practice or a game and it swells up again.  Think we are going to have to take her into the doctor to have it checked out.  It’s been a crazy, injury filled spring for us!

I think she made it about 20-25 minutes before she was out of there.

Sassy was brave enough to get all the way in the water, but not for long.

She got out, showered and tried to avoid the paparazzi.

And then practiced a bit of yoga including her dhyana pose while waiting for dinner.

dhyana pose

Dinner was prepared entirely on my dad’s new grill.  Potatoes, squash, zucchini and some sort of bacon-wrapped meat for the animal-eaters.

I love being able to eat outside!  And be able to wear flip-flops.  Well, at least on one foot anyway.

Have you bought a new swimsuit for this summer yet?  I bought a new one to wear with my aqua jog belt.

Do you like bell peppers?  I only like them in small quantities in recipes.

How are you kicking off the summer?  We are supposed to go out on my oldest brother’s new boat this afternoon, but it has been pouring down rain for the last couple of hours.  :-/


4 thoughts on “PDA, Swimsuit & Metal Horse

  1. Kim

    I just got a new suits at Target – love their swim stuff!
    Rainy here today, too – glad we did the boat the past couple of days!

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    I love all bell peppers! We kicked off summer with hiking and running. It was perfect 🙂


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