Graduation Party

Today was my nephew’s high school graduation party.  (Love his Nike shirt!)

Don’t even ask how many times it took to get this picture.  Sassy couldn’t smile because her teeth were purple from cake icing.  OMG Becky kept looking everywhere but at the camera.  Kicks had his eyes closed in most of the pictures.  Hoppy didn’t want to smile at all.  When we asked her, “Can you smile?”  She flat out said no.  Well okay then.  I can only imagine how we are going to get a new picture of all the grandkids this fall after number 15 is born in October.

Hoppy got to practice being around a baby in anticipation of her new sibling’s arrival.

Kick’s party was held out at a park shelter and it was huge.  Good thing because the party was also for his cousin who is also graduating.  The party was four hours long and people just kept coming and going.  It was great!

There was food.  Three tables and two grill trailers full of food.

Sorry, I didn’t get better pictures of the food!  There were ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs for the carnivores.  Baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni & cheese, pasta salad, nachos, no less than eight different kinds of chips, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and three, yes three, full sheet cakes (chocolate, white and marble).  One cake for Kicks with his school colors.  One for his cousin with his school colors.  And the third with the name and colors of the university they will be going to together.  So much school spirit!

I had a corner piece of the chocolate cake with white icing.  My favorite!  Though the black icing did do a lovely job of coloring my lips.  And Sassy’s.

She didn’t want to show off her lovely, colored mouth.  Not sure why.  We are all friends here.

Late in the afternoon there was a slide show for the two graduates.

Apparently, they power to the shelter had been disconnected for maintenance and not reconnected.  Someone came up with the idea to use a car to power the electronics.

No go.  Next came the idea to find more cords and run them from the next closest building with an outlet.

See that brick building?  See the dark area on the front of it?  That is front foyer area.  And that is where they found power and ran cords from.  Many, many cords.  And it worked!

The slide show was pretty cool with lots of fun photos.

What did you do for your high school graduation party?  Mine was a small party/open house at home.

What’s the best thing you ate today?  I really wish I had brought a piece of that cake home!


2 thoughts on “Graduation Party

  1. Kim

    So funny about the cake frosting. I have one picture from my wedding reception where my teeth are red because I swiped a bit of red frosting!!! Oops!!
    Looks like a fun graduation party!


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