Prescription for Cumulus

Today was my 9-week post-surgery checkup.  9 weeks.  As in 3/4 of the way through my 12-week recovery!  The end is so close now!!

broken ankle

Lots of good news today.  I only had to see two doctors today.  Not the two dozen I saw last time.  As the first doctor was unwrapping my foot, I warned him that I had spent the entire day outside and my foot was sure to be sweaty.  He laughed and asked me if that meant it was smelly.  I assured him it would be beyond ripe.  If you can’t be honest with your doctor, who can you be honest with?

I then proceeded to tell him that on the flip side, my heel has never been softer.  I don’t know what it is.  The sweat, the peeling of the foot multiple times, the coffin-like apparatus I have been wearing for months now.  Either way, it is softer that baby skin.  It’s freaky soft and I can’t stop touching it.

I still have my fracture blister.  Doctor seemed surprised it was still there.  It is still numb, but hoping feeling will come back in that area soon.  It’s gross, like the scab that never leaves me.  Yuck.

So where is the good news in this post?…  Swelling in my foot has gone way down.  As is, pretty much gone.  Yeah me!  I can slowly start weaning off of the ibuprofen over the next few weeks.  I am to continue the nerve prescription for at least another three weeks.

Now the really good stuff!  It actually started off not so good when the doctor told me I needed to keep the aircast on for another three weeks when walking.  Um, no.  And this is where I turn into an impatient patient…  I told him I was originally told I would be running in three more weeks and how was I to go from cast to running without even walking without the aircast.  He then asked me how often I ran before the injury, how far and how fast.  He then asked what running shoes I have.  We discussed my shoes and their stability and support for my foot.  He wants me to wear my aircast when walking for one more week (not three!!!), but after this week, I can wear my Asics Cumulus when walking around at home!!!!!!!!!  I still have to wear it when I’m out and about, but man, it is going to feel so great to not have this heavy thing on all the time!

But all this good news leads to one more problem.  My Asics Cumulus are a mess!  You may remember what was to be a trail run with OMG Becky quickly turned into a hike due to the muddy condition of the trail.  I may have not really cleaned my shoes since then.  I figured the mud would just wear off at some time.  And really who would see them anyway as I am running on other trails?  I would wear them and then just take them off and leave them in the garage.

But now I need them to be clean.  We don’t wear shoes in my house.  Especially these shoes!  How am I ever going to get them clean enough to wear inside?!  I really should just buy a brand new pair, but that’s just not in the budget at the moment.  Maybe Asics would like to send me a free pair!  A girl can dream…

I go back to the doctor in three more weeks.  He said I should be released upon the world to do what I want at that time!

How the heck do I get these shoes clean enough to wear inside?

What good news do you have to share?


6 thoughts on “Prescription for Cumulus

  1. Kim

    Monica at Run Eat Repeat wrote a post earlier this week about washing running shoes (her’s were a mess from a trail race!!) – a pail of warm sudsy water and a scrub brush were all she used (I think).
    Glad you can shed the aircast for at least part of the time!!


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