We Play Hard

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the tornadoes and storms in Oklahoma over the last couple of days.

One of my best friends just moved there a few weeks ago.  I was unable to contact him for almost 18 hours and was very concerned for his safety.  Thankfully, last night he finally had cell service and was able to let me know he was okay.  He also sent me a text this morning to say he is okay this morning.  Grateful.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some days are just not the best of days.  Even with the best of intentions.  Take Sassy’s Ring Pop.  It came out of the package as one smashed together mess.

But don’t think that mess stopped her from eating it.  It didn’t.  Not one bit.  And she enjoyed it.  Every single smushed piece.

It seems our family likes to play hard and we are definitely paying for it lately.  But don’t think we didn’t enjoy every single minute of what we were doing at the time.  And I seriously doubt any of us will avoid doing our activity of choice just because it ended in injury.

  • Over the weekend my nephew, Fin, broke his collarbone skateboarding.
  • Less than two weeks before that, his brother, Guy, broke his arm when he fell off playground equipment at his preschool.
  • At the end of April, another nephew broke his shoulder when he jumped off a swing.
  • And then there’s me.  As most of you already know, I broke my ankle (fibula) on a trail run in March.

I LOVE trail running.  When I started casually running 6 years ago it was on trails.  I loved it then and have never looked back.  I have been asked multiple times if I will continue to trail run given what has happened.  If you are a runner, you can guess the people asking that question are not runners.  They don’t get our addiction, our need to run.  Not going back into the woods has never even crossed my mind.  It is the thought of being out there again that keeps me focused on my recovery.  It’s what makes me do my physical therapy exercises at least 3 times a day.  I tear up at the thought of not being able to run again.  I HAVE to run again.  And I have to run trails in the woods.  It is where I feel the most at peace.

Where do you feel the most at peace?

How do you play hard?


5 thoughts on “We Play Hard

  1. Nikki

    It’s so great to have something you need so badly that it reminds you and motivates you to get those exercises done and get better. They’re sometimes mundane and painful but getting back to what you love sooner because you did them is the best. Good luck!

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