A Man & His Purse

Wednesday was my nephew, Kick’s, 18th birthday.  On his birthday my three your old niece gave him a gift card for miniature golf and a note asking him to take her the next day.  He can’t tell her no, so Thursday night he arrived at the miniature golf course to find 20+ of his friends and family there for a surprise party in his honor.  (We missed the surprise part because my daughters both had softball that same night.)

miniature golf

This course has been here for years.  I remember coming here as a child.  The original owner would be there night and day working on the gardens.  It was beautiful.  She has since passed away and you can tell the current owners don’t care as much.  Everything looks a bit run down and the gardens are pretty much non-existent.

miniature golf

Some players were so good, they didn’t even need to look at the hole while putting.

Hoppy’s got mad skills.

miniature golf

Well, until she had a flip flop incident.

miniature golf

But she rebounded quickly.  She was actually more interested on playing on the landscape rocks.

miniature golf

My dad was having an off day.  He was making some great shots, but being denied over and over again.  This shot below is a perfect example.

miniature golf

The ball stopped just a couple of centimeters from the hole.  The kicker?  The ball stopped on a HILL!  How does that even happen?!

But don’t feel sorry for him.  He did make a hole in one!

You should feel sorry for me because as I was walking by the green he was putting on, the ball ricocheted off the obstacle and hit me on the leg!  NOT a hole in one.

This is Hoppy feeling sad for me.  That or she was smart enough to protect her face from incoming balls.

It was a very competitive game and some people may have resorted to illegal tactics, such as blowing on the ball.

Others were more helpful.  Like my brother carrying his wife’s purse through the course.  I had fun teasing him, especially when he kept losing it.

He said he didn’t care if people saw him carrying a purse.  I took that to mean he wouldn’t mind if I shared this picture with you, my bestest friends. 🙂

Do you like to play miniature golf?

What did you do for your 18th birthday?  I don’t remember.  😦


3 thoughts on “A Man & His Purse

  1. Kim

    18th birthday – no clue!!!
    What a fun way to do a surprise party!!!
    When my boys were younger, I think they hated playing putt-putt with me because I always made us keep score. What’s the point if you don’t know who wins, right?! (my husband never has shared that point of view)

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Funny you should mention that. I totally agree! My youngest daughter was driving me nuts because she wasn’t taking it seriously. She would try to hit the ball again before it had even stopped! Rude. 😉


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