Living the Random Life

My life is all about the random lately.  I feel like I am still trying to get into some sort of routine.  Girls and I moved into our new house almost two weeks ago.  That should help.  At least we will feel settled once the unpacking is done.  Man, I dislike moving and unpacking.  But it is getting done.  Slowly.

My work schedule is changing constantly.  You may remember my jobs in Oregon allowed me to set my own schedule.  Loved that!  Now I have a schedule that I have no control over.  And that schedule changes often.  Drives me nuts.  But I am grateful to have a job.

My foot.  My surgery was eight weeks ago today.  Supposedly, I have four more weeks of recovery.  I started physical therapy last week.  I have been twice now.  I will do a post about it soon.  But in the meantime, as the weather gets nicer, there are more and more people out running, walking, and biking.  I find myself getting more and more jealous.  I want to be out there.  I am trying really hard to be patient.  But this cast feels like nothing more than a torture device most days.

Since my life is so random, I thought I would share some recent random photos.

OMG Becky was relieving her days as royalty.  Did I ever tell you she was Miss <insert business name> at the Oregon Chocolate Festival a couple of years ago?


Sometimes she likes to wear her crown and look down her nose at us.  It’s like she forgets I am also a princess.

My new cable has music selections included with my other 200+ channels I got a heck of a deal on.  Today’s selection?  80’s.

cable music channel

Of course, this song totally made me think of my love of Duck Dynasty.  Yes, I am still obsessed with them and will listen/watch that show every time it is on.

I spotted the first sailboat of the season out on the lake next to our subdivision!

sailboat on lake

I think this means summer has official begun!

Our new house has a flower garden in one corner of the back yard.  Best part of it is this azalea bush.  Such a vibrant color!


There are a few other flowering things that will be allowed to stay.  But I’m pretty sure half of it is weeds and baby trees.  Should be a fun project once I get this cast off.  I’m only half sarcastic when I say that…

Another thing that has to go?  This tree that seems to thinks my air conditioning unit would like to hug it.

This relationship is not going to end well for one of them.

Okie as photographed by OMG Becky.

cat inside patio door

Looking none too happy that he is not allowed outside.

Sadly, the squirrels at our new house LOVE to tease our cats.  The cats will sit at our patio doors and the squirrels will run by, getting closer with each pass.

cat and squirrel

Today one passed by while I was by the back door.  I started talking to it.  It sat there and listened to me for the longest time.


He shall be my new pet.  Just kidding.  Maybe.

Speaking of pets.  Half the time, OMG Becky’s softball team practices at one team member’s house.  She has her own softball field.  How cool is that?!  Yesterday, while I was waiting to pick OMG Becky up, I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye.  Chickens!


I miss having chickens like we had in Oregon.  Fresh eggs are the best!

There were also a few other critters running around.  At first, I wasn’t sure if this was a pig or a dog.

FYI – It was a dog.  But I’m sure you can understand how I could have been confused by this sight.

This dog wanted in on the action.

Put me in coach!

And this one loves OMG Becky.

As soon as we pulled up, she came running over to our car while barking at OMG Becky.  She circled our car in excitement barking the entire time.  I thought she was going to jump in!

So was this post random enough for you?

How about a tease about my next post?  A man and his purse…

If you have a cat, does he/she live indoors, outdoors or both?

Are you a squirrel whisperer?

What’s the most colorful flower in your yard?

What’s your favorite 80’s song?  Anything from Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.  Early Madonna!


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