Donuts, Frappuccino & Trifle

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today has been great from start to finish.  First we went to church.  Eleven of us in two pews.  It was awesome.  (Our church offers five different services.  So we don’t always end up with that many of us at the same service.)

On the way to church, OMG Becky had asked me if we could go for donuts after church.  I told her no, probably not.  Then as soon as we get into church, she asked my dad if he wanted to go for donuts after church.  Of course, he says yes!  I told her I couldn’t believe she used her grandpa to get her way.  (Actually I can.)  She said he was her sidekick, her wingman, her pardner in crime.  Brat.

I think everyone else had the same idea for donuts because when we arrived at the donut shop, the line was out of the door.  Luckily, it was a nice day so we didn’t mind the wait.

We each ordered our donut and then they offered my mom and I our choice of a free donut for Mother’s Day.  Score!


No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  Those long johns and maple bars are as long as the food tray.

My German Chocolate Cake donut and free chocolate glazed.

German chocolate donut

I managed to eat half of the big donut and then had to pack up the other half and my free donut it to go.  Guess that means I will have to eat donuts tomorrow.  Darn.  😉

I think everyone else enjoyed their donuts, too.

donut shop

Then we had to get home so I could finish up the dessert my mom had requested for our Mother’s Day dinner.  She wanted a trifle and she wanted it chocolate.

chocolate trifle

I think this fit the bill.  Recipe to come tomorrow!

Before dinner we had a couple of errands to run.  First was Starbucks.  OMG Becky had finally clued into their frappuccino Happy Hour that offered half price drinks from 3-5 PM on May 3-12.  Since today was the last day, we had to go.

Starbucks frappacino

I had the new Mocha Cookie Crumble.  It was good, but not nearly as good as the Toasted Coconut they had last year.  But that’s probably a good thing.  Now I won’t feel the urge to go there all summer long!

Then it was time for fifteen of us at my parents’ house for dinner.  My dad fired up his new grill.  OMG Becky helped Hoppy finish up the last few bites of her meal.  Not sure why she was making that face.  Maybe because she hadn’t cleaned her own plate yet or because her frappuccino was all gone…


We enjoyed their new deck.

And then the cover came off the pool.  CANNOT wait for it to open!

A few of us got my mom a new swing for Mother’s Day. The men folk had the pleasure of putting it together.


My mom couldn’t wait to try it out.  But she wasn’t the first.  My oldest brother jumped on it.  He claimed he was testing it for safety reasons. Sure.

Did I tell you my nephew, Guy, broke his arm last week?  He fell off playground equipment at his preschool.  Poor little guy gets his cast put on tomorrow.  And my 13-year-old nephew broke his shoulder the week before by jumping off a swing.  We sure know how to have fun, don’t we?!

Guy and Hoppy are so cute together!  He tried to open the door with broken arm hand but couldn’t do it.  He finally let go of Hoppy’s hand, opened the door and then took her hand again.  Aw!

I hope your Mother’s Day was just as special!

Did you get your half price frappuccino at Starbucks?

Tell me the best part of your weekend.


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