Ultrasound & Allergies

Friday morning, I went for an ultrasound on my foot to check for a hematoma/blog clot.  There was the fear that a hematoma might be the cause of my foot pain and swelling.


The tech took 20+ shots with two different cameras.


In a few of the shots, she highlighted my blood vessel with blue on the screen.  She told me my blood flow and vessels are normal and healthy!

ultrasound screen

According to her, no hematoma was found!  This means my foot issue is due to a nerve issue.  That will hopefully be corrected with the medication I started last Thursday and physical therapy.  PT starts this afternoon!  I admit I am pretty scared about what is going to happen there.  At this point, I can only move my foot up and down maybe two inches.  I am looking forward to more motion, but know it’s most likely going to involve pain of some kind.  😦

Now let’s talk about something more pleasant.  Remember last week when I told you Sassy was on the roof with my dad?  It was 80-some degrees that day and they had to take a break for popsicles.  I dared to ask for one…

We are still working on our sharing as a manner.

My allergies have been crazy the past couple of weeks.  We wake up to our cars covered in yellow pollen.  And the ground cover below?

Not snow, tree petals!  This day it was another beautiful day in the 80’s.  And then the very next day?  Snow!  In May.


Love this billboard!

I couldn’t agree more, Wyoming!

Do you suffer from spring allergies?  I need to see if I can take some allergy medication with this new foot prescription…

What is your favorite flavor of popsicle?  Coconut, for sure!

When is the last snow of the season in your area?  This is the first May snow for us in like 100 years.  Crazy!


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