Two Steps Forward, One Step Back. Literally.

Today was my third post-op doctor appointment.  It had been four weeks since my last appointment and six weeks since surgery.  I came prepared with a list of questions!

This was only half of my qustions.  (Love this Color Note app!)

Getting into the office was a chore itself.  It was raining.  A cold non-stop rain.  I had gotten to the appointment 30 minutes early, thinking I would wait in my car for a break in the rain.  Nope, didn’t happen.

I hurried myself, crutches and all, into the office without a problem.  Then my way crutches hit the tile inside the office foyer.  One crutch slide one way and the other crutch the other.  I heard gasps all around me as I felt like I was reacting in slow motion trying to get my balance.  Thank goodness for yoga because I’m pretty sure I was in some sort of tree pose when it was all over.  So grateful I didn’t fall down!


First the doctor removed my cast and butterfly stitches.  Ouch!  I think after being on my leg for four weeks, the tape became one with my skin.  It did not want to give them up!  Other than the skin peeling off with the tape, the doctor says the incision looks really good.  Score one for me!

Next was another set of x-rays to see how the bone itself was healing.  X-ray’s look great!  I could barely see the initial break.  So cool to see it shrinking!  I asked about the metal plate and screws.  I wondered if they would need to be removed at some point.  Doctor said they can stay in forever, but sometimes they iritate people in that particular location.  There is not a lot of skin/fat to buffer the metal from rubbing against some shoes.  Guess we will have to wait and see when I am actually allowed to wear running shoes again how it goes.

We talked about my next steps.  I got some GREAT news!  I can walk without my crutches as much as possible, if my foot allows it!  I still have to wear the aircast while walking, but such a huge change for me.  I am also to take the aircast off when seated at home, keep it elevated and work on moving my foot around as much as possible.  I can even sleep without the aircast!  Tonight is going to feel so weird without it on in bed.

I asked about swimming.  It was a mixture of good and bad, yes and no.  I can swim now.  I can water jog.  I can do water areobics.  BUT, I can’t stand on the foot in the water.  Only deep water activities for now.  But I will take it!  Looks like I need to pick up that hydro jog belt!

Then the doctor examined the top of my foot.  It is still swollen and discolored.  He didn’t think it should be at this point.

He reexamined the x-rays taken for the same issue at the ER almost two weeks ago.  He didn’t notice anything wrong with them either or anything to explain why my foot was swollen and painful to the touch.  He called in a few more doctors on the team to take a look at my foot.  A few more as in eight.  Yes, eight additional doctors and four nurses came pouring through my exam room to take a look and feel at my foot and offer their suggestions.  I felt like a hands-on exhibit at a theme park!

They ordered an ultrasound for tomorrow morning to get another look at it.  They think I either have nerve damage, a blog clot or hematoma.  Hopefully, the ultrasound will help determine what is going on with it.  They also gave me a medication that is to help with the nerves.  Oh joy, more drugs.

I am also to keep it wrapped at all times.  More fun.

Mummy foot!  I apologize for the horrible shape of my toenails.  It’s been months since these toes have had any attention.  They are beyond pitiful.

But more good news?  I get to start physical therapy!  I don’t know all the details yet, but will as soon as that office calls me to set it up.  Bring it on!

Now I have to tell you something that grossed me out, then I realized what I thought it was, wasn’t, but then was still eww.  But I feel okay sharing this with you because we are all friends here, right.  Are you ready?

While I was waiting for the doctors to come back, I was examining my incision.  Okay, I was peeling at the loose skin.  It had to be done!  But here’s the gross part.  I saw what I thought was a hair imbedded in the incision scab.  Gross, right?  So I tried to pull it away from my leg, I realized it was attached.

It was my own leg hair!  One single long piece that has been growing since the initial fall on March 18th, protected from the razor by the butterfly stitches.

And yes, I know I also need to pay some attention to my fingernails.  But I’ve been a little distracted.  Did I tell you we are moving?  My girls and I found a house in the subdivision next to my parents.  We are really excited to be right in the location we want to be.  We are hoping to be in this weekend, but not sure if that is going to happen.  Why?  Because the past few days we have had beautiful weather in the 80’s.

It’s been awesome!  But today the temps dropped into the 30’s.  Yes from 80’s to 30’s in 24 hours.  Welcome to the Midwest!  Jerks.  So today started with rain, then sleet and then snow.  It’s been snowing for hours now!  It’s due to change back over to rain, but the rain will then continue through Sunday.  None of that is conducive for moving.  Yuck.

But I don’t want to end this post with a Debbie Downer moment.  I want to share my deal of the week with you!  Yesterday at JCPenney, I found a set of pots and pans on the clearance rack.


They were marked 65% the original price, plus they were taking 25% off all clearance.  And… AND I had a $10 off coupon!  When the register stopped ringing, I got this set for 1/5 of the original retail price.  ONE FIFTH!

What’s your favorite app right now?

What is the best deal you have gotten lately?


5 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back. Literally.

  1. Kim

    Glad that you have some positive news!! Recovery is such a long, slow process – glad that you at least got to move forward some.
    We had the exact same type of weather this week – 80s at the beginning and cold and snowy yesterday. (Kansas)
    Hope your move goes well!

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