Music Moves Me

It’s been too long since my last edition of MMM!  I have so many great songs to share with you this time around!

Did I ever tell you we had a puppy named Kitty when the girls were little?  Sassy named her, of course.

Kind of creepy video (zombies?), but I really like the song.  Added bonus, a Stormtrooper boot similar to mine makes an appearance in the video!

This may very well be my cruising song of summer made to be heard with a high volume and the windows down.  Though the video’s psychedelic feel kind of gives me a headache.

Love this version of one of my favorite songs!

Heaven help me for admitting this but I really like this song.  There I said it.  Out loud.

I should also admit, I totally thought it was LFO when I heard the song above.  Do you remember them?!  The song Chloe so reminds me of this one, Summer Girls.

I hope you find your dream…

Just a fun song.  And it makes me want to try skateboarding.

80’s music at it’s best!

He just wants to make you dance!  And he’s gonna drop the F-bomb to do it.

I CANNOT get enough of this entire album!  I have been listening to it nonstop.  And I take it back.  This is my summer jam!  And I love all the clapping in this song.  Forget cowbell, we need more clapping!!

This song has been stuck in my head for the last couple of weeks.  Now it will be stuck in yours.  You are welcome!

This song has been out for a while but I am really enjoying it lately.

Are we not all beasts?  Stand tall America!

Another song that I have to listen to at full blast.  Great running song!


4 thoughts on “Music Moves Me

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    I love so much of this! I’ve been singing I don’t care for weeks and can’t hold us is super catchy too.


    I love “I don’t care” and I don’t know why but I also really like Mike Posner. There was a song on this morning that I liked. I jotted down the name and lost it. Chances are it will become popular and I won’t hear the end of it!! 🙂

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Do you ever use the Shazam app? It will listen to the song and then name it for you. It then keeps all of the songs in a list until you delete them. Love it!


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