Spring Shopping & Eating

How have you been?

Things here are more of the same, it seems.  Feel like I am moving in slow motion sometimes with this dumb cast.  It is definitely holding me back.  But life goes on around me.  Here what’s new with us!

OMG Becky is learning to pump gas to help me out while I’m on crutches.

pumping gas

As you can tell by the look on her face, she is thoroughly enjoying this learning experience.  😉

I am enjoying up close parking, thanks to my temporary disabled parking placard.

disabled parking

Of course, parking this close to a softball field may not be the best idea…

SPeaking of safety…

apply sunscreen

We go through so much sunscreen in this family!  Between softball, running, hiking, swimming, biking and just being outside.  I really should have bought stock in it years ago.

I am still supposed to keep the foot elevated as much as possible.  I do what I can, when I can.

This is how I rest it while waiting for the girls’ softball practice to be over.  And sometimes if it is nice, I still the foot up on the open window.  I’m sure the other parents don’t know what to make of me.

Saw this poor doggie yesterday.  Looks like fun for him, but his riding position made me a nervous wreck!

Sassy had a spring choir concert.

The rest of the family had trouble sitting still until the music started.

And then just about every photo I took got photobombed.

choir concert

(Sassy is front and center, right above pony-tailed photographer.)

Shopping is an adventure now!  My view from the shopping cart attached to the store wheelchair.  I haven’t tried one of the electric carts yet.  They make me a bit nervous.  Though my daughters pushing me in a wheelchair is nerve-wracking, too.  They tend to run me into something every other aisle.

And my crutches in my mom’s cart above?  Yep, she knocks all kinds of things over/down with them.  I shouldn’t tell you this, but over the weekend she was pushing me in a wheelchair at a store and we came across a bit of a speed bump she was having trouble pushing me over.  I thought it might be a good idea for me to kind of jump a bit in my chair.  She had pushed at the same time.  This lead to the chair tipping way over.  I thought I was going to end up on the floor!  Scared my mom half to death.  I was laughing so hard!

Spring is here!  We have a mama bird that has built a nest at my parents’ house.

bird nest

Sassy climbed up on a ladder to check it out.  No eggs as of a few days ago!

I didn’t get to make coffee at home on Saturday.  Making coffee requires someone else’s assistance these days.  Saturday that just didn’t happen.


I was forced to go to Starbucks on my way to work.  I thought I would be good and get a Skinny Latte.  Wrong choice.  I should have stuck with my usual Fattie Oh So Good drink.

Saturday, OMG Becky was supposed to have a softball tournament, but it was rained out.  Instead we went shopping for things for the new house.  Did I tell you we are moving?  We are.  In two days.  We needed fuel for the shopping.  My dad picked Chipotle.  Always a winner!


OMB Becky and I split a veggie burrito bowl with steak on the side (for her.)  and chips and guacamole.  Love their guacamole!

After shopping, we absolutely needed dessert.  Yogurtini was near by.  I had never been there!


Some of us know how to do self-serve yogurt right.  So of us need to work on it…  Mine included four flavors (Thin Mint Cookie, Coconut Macaroon, Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Cheesecake)  and no less than eight toppings.  So good!

My parents have a few projects going on in their backyard including replacing a deck, adding a new deck and remodeling the pool house.  Sassy is in charge of making sure my dad doesn’t get hurt.  And feeding him, apparently.

Here she is delivering fresh-baked cookies to him.

Today they are working on replacing the roof of the pool house.  That lasted for about 30 minutes before they took a break to go to the store for popsicles.  Brilliant idea!  Cookies and popsicles should be mandatory on every job site.

Catch me up!  What have you been up to this last week?

What is your go to drink at your favorite coffee shop?

How do you do self-serve frozen yogurt?


4 thoughts on “Spring Shopping & Eating

  1. Stephanie@nowiun.com

    Things have been good with me ~ busy, but good.
    I still love that you call your daughter OMG Becky. I can imagine that all of you going shopping is quite a hoot to watch (though I’m sure you’d rather be there walking by yourself). My family would be the same way!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Oh Stephanie, I feel like we are a circus family sometimes! A spectacle for all to see. Just the other day, I put a new covered cat litter pan in my mom’s shopping cart. I then realized it was not a good placement of the item as she was starting to push the cart. I told her to stop so I could adjust it. She said it would be okay with her “fine cart-driving skills”. She had barely gotten the words out of her mouth when the pan crashed to the floor. I was doubled over with laughter!


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