I Shall Heal

Today, I spent 5+ hours in the ER.  There were concerns that my incision was infected.  The surgeon doesn’t think it is infected, but gave me an antibiotic as a precaution.  Great, more drugs.


The doctor also noticed the top of my foot is still swollen and now red (for about a week).  He did some poking around on it.  Very painful.  Like make me cry instantly painful.  He sent me off for more X-rays to make sure they hadn’t missed something else broke in my foot.  Thank goodness!  Doctor thinks it is just a bone bruise.  Guess it will be fine as long as no one pokes at it anymore!

The hours in my room at the ER were spent watching today’s manhunt.  It was so unsettling watching the drama unfold.  I can only imagine the terror the residents of Boston were going through.  And the pain and memories that they, as a city, and runners, as a community, will carry from Monday’s tragedy.

I know my ankle and the inconvenience it has caused me is just that.  An inconvenience.  I will run again.  I will heal.  I am blessed.  That is my wish for our nation.  For Boston.  For our running community.  I wish for us to heal.


11 thoughts on “I Shall Heal

    1. Whine Less Post author

      It’s getting easier to deal with, I think. I just keep my mind on the small goals and prizes. Next is my appointment in 10 days. Hoping to be able to put weight on it then!

  1. Stephanie@nowiun.com

    I am so sorry you had to spend the day in the ER!
    What a day, too, to spend watching TV. I’m glad they have the other suspect in custody so that maybe we can get some answers… though answers don’t bring back lives.

  2. seepaigerun

    Thinking about you! Not being able to run is one of the worst feelings in the world. I am so sorry that you are having to through all of this pain along with it!

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