Season Opener Pains & Growing

This weekend OMG Becky had her first softball tournament of the season. They had four games scheduled for Saturday and I knew that was not happening for me after being home with this ankle for the last few weeks. My dad went with her and I stayed home. Okay, not really. You know already that I went to the salon to get my nails done as my first outing. But there’s no way I can hang out outside at the ballpark all day long.

Sunday was single-elimination play. I decided I was going to venture out to the softball field since the girls had lost all four of their games Saturday.  I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be at the park very long that day.  I was prepared and brought what I thought was a chair with an elevated footrest.  Wrong.  OMG Becky had grabbed the wrong chair.  Instead of a footrest, I had a canopy. On a cloudy day. Not really necessary. I made the best of the situation and rested my foot on the lower bleachers. It was a front row view!

fastpitch softball

OMG Becky played 3rd base the entire game.

fastpitch softball

fastpitch softball

And she was lead off batter for her team!

fastpitch softball

It was a fun game to watch, but we did not win.  This other team went on to win the tournament so that made the loss easier, I think.

fastpitch softball

fastpitch softball

During the last inning of the game, the batter showed a bunt.  OMG Becky ran up to cover it, but the girl had faked, pulled the bat back and slammed a line drive right into OMG Becky’s belly, just below the belly button from less than 30 feet away.  It was a horrible sound!  From my view, I thought she had been hit on the forearm.  I wanted to run out there, but I couldn’t even get up.  OMB Becky bent over forward a bit. I thought she was going to fall down.  Later, she said she was about to throw up.  Then her coach started yelling to get the ball.  It was still a live play!  All the other girls on our team where just standing there watching my daughter, not sure what to do.  OMG Becky finally got her head around the situation and went to get the ball.  It had stopped into foul area around behind third base.  She insisted on continuing to play.  I could not wait for that inning to be over!

I called a local hospital and talked to a nurse about the incident.  They advised it would be best to have her seen.  Off to urgent care we went.  Because we haven’t had enough of hospitals and doctors lately.

urgent care

After a few tests, the doctor determined she was okay, but gave us a list of several things to watch for over the next 24 hours.  One of the things being bubbles in the urine.  What?  She said OMG Becky would know for sure if this happened.  Had to hope that was true.  And also to not have anything else to eat that day. Thankfully, other than being a bit sore and more tired than usual, she was feeling better the next day.

This week was also the home opener for our local major league baseball team. I drove past the stadium on my way home from work around mid-afternoon, thinking I might get stuck in the traffic.  No traffic and then I noticed the stadium was empty. But the parking lot was not! It was full of tailgaters and man I could smell the barbecue!

MLB opening day, stadium

And in other softball news, Sassy has once again outgrown her softball cleats.

Mizuno softball cleats

(Instagram: whinelessbreathemore)

I have to buy that girl no less than one pair of new cleats every year.  I wonder when her feet are going to stop growing?!  She just turned 12, but her feet are a size 8. And she is not done growing vertically.  She is still a shorty in that department.  The next few years should be interesting.

Have you ever been to a MLB game?

At what age did your feet stop growing?


4 thoughts on “Season Opener Pains & Growing


    I’ve seen the Tigers play…
    My feet were a size 11.5 (unfortunately they don’t usually make that size so I squeeze into an 11 or swim around in a 12) in high school. That’s what they are now.
    Glad your daughter is ok! I have to know why you call her OMG Becky!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      I have a friend that wears a size 11 shoes. I remember shoe shopping with her in high school. She would get so frustrated with the lack of selection in her size!
      I call her OMG Becky because she has always had a flare for drama. She reminded me of the oldest daughter, Becky on the show Roseanne. Whenever my daughter would act up, I would say “Oh my god, Becky!” in my best rap girl voice. Think Sir Mix-A-Lot’s song, “Baby Got Back.”

  2. paigesato

    My first MLB game was the Red Sox home opener in 1974. Been a fan ever since. sadly, now we live too close to the Yankees, but always try to see the Sox when they’re in town. With the new stadium, though, their tickets are so expensive we haven’t been able to go. oh well.


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