Girly Steps

Today was momentous.  Momentous for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is the one I am most proud of and makes me the most happy.  I shaved my legs.  I am in awe of that fact myself.

Until Thursday afternoon, I had couldn’t get my left foot wet due to the half cast.  And due to trying to balance on one leg only in the shower, I wasn’t able to shave.  Never mind, the fact my right leg was still scabbed from the fall.  Shaving would be like playing connect the dots with a razor.

knee scab

Can you imagine how fast I must have been running to tear up the palm of both hands, my right leg and break my left ankle.  Man, I am an unstoppable beast!  😉

But now that I have my stormtrooper boot, I can remove it to shower.  That meant I could try to shave both legs since I didn’t have to try to keep the wrapped cast completely dry.  Bring on the razor!  Luckily, the shower has a seat in it making all of this easier, but it still took me what felt like an hour to shower and shave.  I need to figure out how to speed up this process…

My left leg is not looking so good.  It has these weird purple bumps all over it.  I think that’s due to the cotton wrap sticking to the betadine in surgery  and then being on there for two weeks straight with the cast.  I think it suffocated my pores or something!

butterfly stitches

Bruises are still there.  I am nervous thinking they may never disappear.  I tried to flex my left calve muscle today.  Nope.  It’s jello already.  😦

Fracture blister is looking better, but I still can’t get the permanent marker squiggle off the top of that foot.  I’m thinking of getting it tattooed on since it seems set on hanging around forever anyway.

fracture blister

But back to good news!

The second reason today is monumental…  I drove!

I am trying to push back taking my first painkiller of the day until mid-afternoon to prep for going back to work.  I also needed to do something about my nails.  They were a mess!  I still had my shellac polish on from over a month ago!  I had planned on changing it up at the three weeks mark.  It still looked good at the two weeks, but then I broke the ankle a few days after.  Obviously, since then my nails have not been a priority.  But I figured since I was going back to work, I had better do something about their sad state.  So I made a nail appointment for late this morning while I was drug-free and able to drive.

CND Shellac

Awe!  Fresh, pretty CNC Shellac nails in Chrome.  So much better!

Also of note, I am for sure going back to work Monday!  And I have been allowed to hire an assistant to help me until I am off of my crutches.  That will really make things easier.

Between getting my nails done and shaving my legs, I am feeling like a whole new woman.  Tomorrow I might even try putting on make-up and going to my daughter’s softball game.  Baby girly woman steps.

What makes you feel girly better?  See men, I was thinking of you, too!  😉


12 thoughts on “Girly Steps


    Your poor legs! You must have been totally beast to wreak all that havoc on your body!!
    It is so good to hear that you’re making progress. I can certainly imagine that after a shave, drive, nail appt. and the promise of getting back to work are all making you feel better 🙂


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