Stormtrooper Gear

Look what I’m sporting now!


Is it just me or do I look like I have the beginnings of a very cool Stormtrooper costume?  People are going to start thinking I have a thing for Star Wars, if I keep this up.

I had my second post-op doctor appointment this afternoon.  I have to tell you, I was very nervous about this one after my nausea-inducing appointment last week.  I was not looking forward to round two.  But the appointment was good!

First we took a few x-rays through the half cast.

ankle x-ray, fibula metal plate

The metal plate was much smaller than I had imagined.

ankle x-ray, fibula metal plate

Notice my 11 little staples and 5 screws.  So much hardware!  The arrows point out the break in my fibula.  Incredible that something so little can cause so much pain.

Back in the examination room, the doctor removed my wraps and cast.  My fracture blister seems to be healing nicely   I told the doctor about my fall last week.  He said he didn’t notice any new damage and that the incision was looking good, coming together nicely.

I then asked him about my toes.  I don’t know if I have shared this with you here, but my toes have been hurting since the break.  Like it hurts to move them, they feel a bit numb and I can’t really move my pinky toe much at all.  No, not the pinky toe!  He said that this is not uncommon.  Sometimes it happens and I should regain movement and feeling in the next couple of weeks.

Next we tested the range of motion in my foot and ankle.  I can point my foot up pretty well.  Maybe about 50% of what it was before the break.  But then I tried to point it down.  Um, no.  I can’t point it down at all.  This caused a mini-internal meltdown!  I asked if this was uncommon.  Nope, it should improve with time.  Doctor also said I would probably start physical therapy in about six weeks.  Bring it on!  I am so ready to kick this injury in the rear with my new and improved, hardware-reinforced foot!

Then it was time to take out my staples.  Yikes!  I explained to the new-to-me doctor that I had a tendency to pass out or throw up in these situations.  He suggested I lay down on my other side and not watch.  Good idea!  (That meant no pics. Sorry.)  For the most part, it wasn’t too bad.  There were a few staples that definitely pulled a little on my skin on their way out.  Ouch.  The doctor would pause when I tensed, but I tried to mediate through the pain.  I concentrated on my breathing.  Deep breathes in through the nose, out through the mouth.  I tried to just listen to my breathing and block out all other sounds in the room.  This really helped me!  Soon enough all 11 staples were out.  Thank goodness!

Once the staples were out, butterfly stitches/steri strips were applied over the incision   And good news!  I can get them wet!  Showers should be a bit easier.  And shaving might now occur.  I say might because I will have to sit in the shower to shave and my other leg is still riddled with scabs (TMI, sorry!) from the initial fall.  Ugh.

Then my leg was wrapped in ace bandages again.  I was also given two over the knee socks that I can wear instead.  OMG, I have to tell you I was really excited when I first saw them!  I thought they were compression socks!  They were not.  Womp, womp.  I was really hoping to add to my collection.

Lastly, my new aircast was put on.  My foot did not like that.  I had to keep my foot and ankle at a 90 degree angle to put it on.  The back and bottom of my heel have to be pressed up against the cast.  Not very comfortable.  And this thing is heavy!  When I mentioned the weight to the doctor, he told me it would help me work out my upper leg muscles.  Smart man.

I think he may be my new favorite on this orthopedic team.  And I think his shoe ware selection only solidified his position.  Does his shoe look familiar?

Nike Free Run shoes

Yep, he was wearing Nike Free Run shoes just like mine!  He laughed and said he liked the colors of mine better.  Said they were “more Eastery”.  Um, okay.  Guess that’s a good thing.  And yes, I was flirting.  But it was totally not my fault.  He was cute.  And single.  And tall.  And a surgeon.  And we had on matching shoes!  Seriously, how could I not like him?!

Anyway, back to my ankle.  I am doing great with weaning off my painkillers.  He said they generally like patients to be off of them around the four-week mark.  So I am right on target there.  My next appointment is in four weeks.  Until then, I still need to keep my foot elevated as much as possible.  I am not to put any weight on it either.  I can go back to work next week, if I can work sitting down.  I work standing up as a meeting facilitator.  I hope sitting for a few weeks won’t be a problem and I will still be able to effectively lead my meetings.  I also can’t take my painkillers and work at the same time.  This means no painkillers each day until after my last meeting of the day.  Luckily, I am usually done early afternoon.  I can also take them before bed and be okay for the next day.  We will see how next week goes!

Back to the aircast.  I said it is heavy.  It also has a very thick bottom.  So thick that when I first tried moving around on my crutches, I jammed my foot because I underestimated how high I have to lift my foot off the ground.  Crap.  This should be a fun leg workout, indeed.

Overall, a good appointment.  Only one problem.  This new aircast &/or position needed for my foot to be in the aircast is KILLING my toes.  It feels like a tremendous pressure is pushing down on them from above.  Except there is nothing pushing on them.  I have the top part as loose as possible.  They feel like they are burning and tingling, but when I touch them, they are more numb than they were before!  I have already replaced the ace bandages with the sock.  It helped a little.  I am now longer crying in pain, but it still hurts.  I have to call the doctor’s office as soon as they open in the morning.  I am hoping some small adjustment of some kind can be done to improve the situation.  I certainly can’t go on like this for four more weeks, especially if I am working on cutting back on the painkillers.

Have you ever broken a bone?

Do you like costumes?


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