Stinky, Hairy & Scared

So having a cast has created a bit of a problem in more ways than one.

Today, let’s talk about bathing.  It’s happening.  But mercy, it’s a pain in the rear!  Obviously, I can’t get the cast wet.  My only option is to wrap it fully.  The hospital gave me a neato rubber sleeve to use for just this purpose.  Unfortunately, when I read the instructions on it, I realized it contains latex.  I am allergic to latex.  Hence the allergy alert bracelet.

hospital ID band

Even though I can’t use the nifty appendage sleeve they provided, I still need to cover the cast.  A smart person would have just bought something like this.

cast cover


But that would also involve going to the store myself.  Not happening anytime soon.  Or sending someone else to the store to track it down for me.  I’m already totally dependent on others at this point.  I’m trying not to add to my needy list.

Plus, I have trash bags and packing tape.  I got this!

bath with cast

The balance act required to take a shower by itself is a thing of great acrobatic skill.  I thank yoga for getting me through this time.  I cannot put any weight on my broken ankle.  That equals me actually standing in the shower on my good foot while resting my trash-bag-covered-cast-encased-repaired-ankle on a seat in the shower.  Fancy.

So while bathing is happening, shaving is not.  I just can’t stand one-legged in the shower long enough to wash my body, shampoo & condition my hair and shave.  Not to mention the sort of balance angles required to shave.  Nope.

But accordingly to the shaving guidelines, I am good.

Should you shave your Legs

In eleven hours is my post-op appointment.  I told you in my last post, I am excited.  And I am.  But I am also scared.  I want to see the incision, but at the same time I’m afraid that seeing it will make it more real and make the pain harder to deal with.  Right now it’s a mental game when I’m in pain.  I can envision a small, neat incision.  I can then mentally shrink the pain into something manageable.

But if I actually see the size of the incision…   If I see the staples and it doesn’t look so clean…  I’m afraid that it may set me back, mentally.  And I think a huge part of healing is mental.  Having the faith that things are getting better.  Believing that healing is happening.

Does that make any sense?  Or are my meds doing the talking for me now?…

I don’t know what I will decide to do until I get there.  I may have someone else take pictures of it for me to look at later.  We will see.

What are you allergic to?


10 thoughts on “Stinky, Hairy & Scared

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    I was in a foot cast for 6 weeks and showering was the worst. Tubs were my friend. Good luck at the Dr and Try not to focus on the scar!

  2. RunFastMama

    Oh no! I broke my ankle back in 2000, no surgery but yea, not fun. Yoga helped my recovery greatly once the cast came off. So sorry! Since you asked Im am allergic to soy, wheat, nuts, legumes, peas, barley, buckwheat, dairy and all furry animals. Not to mention everything outside too, lol But it’s all good and I deal with it.
    Hope your appointment goes smoothly.

    1. Whine Less Post author

      That is a lot of allergies, but it sounds like you have it under control. Good job!
      I can’t wait to be able to get back to yoga. I know it for a fact has helped me be as strong as I am right now dealing with this ankle.


    I am so sorry you broke your ankle and you’re dealing with pain and frustration. Seems like you certainly have your sense of humor still b/c that sketch above that lets you know if you need to shave your legs or not is so funny!
    Hope you have/had a good appointment…


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