Friday Fit Fix

Here is my weekly (Monday-Sunday) recap for SBBC 2013.  This is probably the shortest, but hardest recap I have ever had to write.

Monday – Walk warm-up and trail run.  Only made it about 1/2 mile into my run when I broke my ankle.

And that was the total amount of my activity for the week.  Whomp whomp.

But I am pretty sure I am building arm muscles using my crutches, so that’s a plus!  Interestingly enough, I took a picture of my arms last week before the break.  I will be able to have a pretty clear look at my before and after differences in a few weeks.

Pain-wise, my ankle is kicking my tail today.  The incision area (or at least what I think is the incision area since I can’t see my ankle!) is throbbing.  I am keeping on schedule with my pain killers.  They are doing their job, but man oh man, they make me so tired!  I have to nap every couple of hours.  But things could be worse, so no complaining from me!

Tell me about your fitness this week!  I need to live vicariously through you!


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