All the Cars I’ve Loved Before

My days are boring.  So I thought I would share somethings that aren’t so current, but still fun to post about.

Today it’s my history with cars.

I bought my first car when I was 15.  I am an October baby, so I had the grand plan of working all summer before my 16th birthday and saving for a car.  Only problem with that plan?  No one hires 15 year olds back them except one place.  McDonald’s.  McDonald’s it was!  I would open almost everyday all summer long, then I would have softball practice &/or games later in the day.  It was a long summer, but I saved every single penny from every single paycheck.  And at the end of the summer, when my sophomore year of high school started, I quit my job and bought a car.  A cute, little blue Chevy Chevette.  I can’t remember what year it was, but it looked a lot like this one.

chevy chevette


Vinyl seats and all!  It was a good, safe car, except it was slow.  Like turtle crawl up every hill.  It didn’t matter how fast I was going, by the time I got to the top of any hill, I would be lucky to be going 20 MPH.  I was the first one of my friends to drive, so I had the privilege of picking up a few friends on the way to school.  They could hear my car coming a few blocks away, chugging her little way along.  She quickly received the nickname of Possy, acronym for Piece of Sh*t.  Classy lady!

The next summer brought another car.  This time a Renault Fuego.  What?  You’ve never heard of Renault cars?  I hadn’t either.  It was apparently a French car.

renault fuego


Mine was black and it was zippy!  Fun car, except it would overheat and a fountain of green fluid would gush out from under the hood.  Good times.

My senior year of high school and I wanted a new car.  This time I went big!  I bought a 5-year old Chevy Camaro!

1985 chevy camaro


Mine was a beautiful greenish, blue color and not an Iroc-Z.  Loved that car!  The problem with it?  It was horrible in rain and snow.  It was slide if there was just a bit of moisture in the air.  After almost sliding off a bridge that winter, I knew it was time to trade it in.

Freshman year of college.  The Camaro was traded for a Honda Prelude.

honda prelude


Mine was red.  I adored that car!  So much so I kept it a few years.

After a few years, I wanted a bit of a bigger car.  A Chevy Beretta fit the bill.

1991 chevy beretta


Mine was a color called Sandstone.  It was a light beige color that didn’t show dirt.  Loved that!  I kept that car for a few years until I was married and pregnant with my first daughter.  It was then decided we needed a four-door car for convenience.

We bought a one year old Mercury Mystique.  Actually, the ex-husband picked it out.  I didn’t really have a preference other than wanting four doors.

mercury mystique


Red on the inside and the out.  It was a good car for our needs.  Sadly, I was T-boned in a wreck that resulting in totaling it.

Our replacement car was a 2 year old Honda Accord.

honda accord

Ours was a dark green and I had picked it out all by myself.  Loved it.  And then we became pregnant with our second child and needed a bit more room.

I got to pick out my dream car at that time!

dodge durango


I again went with the light beige color I loved.  Seven seats were prefect for our growing family!  It served us well for a few years, but then it was time to downsize a bit and find something a bit more fuel friendly.  I sold it to my friend’s mom nine years ago and she still has it!

Next up was a dark blue Dodge Stratus.

dodge stratus


I actually really liked this car and wish I had kept it.  But I traded it in five years ago for my current car.

Are you car maker loyal?  I am not, obviously.

  • Chevy = 3
  • Renault = 1
  • Honda = 2
  • Mercury = 1
  • Dodge = 2

Do you keep cars very long?  I didn’t use to, but I have had my current car for five years.  Before that I averaged a new-to-me car every couple of years.

Do you buy cars new?  I tend to buy newer (1-2 years old), used cars.  I have never bought a brand new car.

What was your first car?

What car is on your want list right now?  I am really considering a four-door hatchback, such as a Mini Countryman.

mini countryman



4 thoughts on “All the Cars I’ve Loved Before

  1. Jan Scott (@janscott75)

    Dang, that’s a lot of cars! I first drove my parents’ Buick Century and then a Mercury Topaz, then I bought my first car, a Mercury Cougar. I traded that in for a Saturn coupe of some sort, drove that for quite awhile then bought a new Honda Civic. Drove that for a couple of years, then bought my Honda CRV (bigger car for my dogs). Then, traded that in almost 8 years ago for a new Nissan Murano, which I still drive. I am now a loyalist to cars made in Japan. Those have been our best!


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