This May Be Bad

Today was going to be the best trail run I have had for awhile.  And it was!  All 10 minutes of it.  😦

It started out just fine.  No problems, feeling good, thinking how great it felt to be out there in the woods, enjoying my run.  I had done my five minute walking warm up and was on my second running interval when it happened

I was at the bottom of the first trail hill and it forks to the left and right.  I decided to go right.  Just as I rounded the curve, two off-leash, Jack Russell terriers came running up and barking at me from the opposite direction.

Now let me state for the record, I am a pretty careful trail runner.  That’s where I first started running six years ago.  I watch the trail.  I have tripped many times, misjudging the height of a rock or root, but those I saw coming.

Today I looked up to see the noise coming at me and I tripped over a large stick/branch (2″ diameter) on the trail.  My left ankle rolled and I went down hard on my right side.  I immediately felt pain in my left ankle and my right hand.  And I was crying.  Hard.  The owner of the dogs came over, asked me if I was okay, I nodded.  He and his dogs went on.

I sat there trying to catch my breath.  Then took a picture of my hand because it hurt the worst.

Until I tried to stand up.  The pain in my ankle was horrific.  I immediately sunk back to the ground.  I was in the woods, just barely, but about 1/4 mile from the trail head.  How was I going to get out of the woods and then back home another half mile.  I then called my younger brother because he lives in the same neighborhood.  He was at work 45 minutes away.  I called my cousin who lives in the subdivision next to ours.  He didn’t answer.  I called my dad.  He was at work 25 minutes away.  I then sent my cousin a text asking him to call me if he got my text within the next hour or so.  Figured it would take me that long to get out of the woods and home.

And then I started my assent up the same hill I had just ran down using the same stick I tripped on as a cane.  OMG it was so hard and steep and painful.  Longest climb of my life.  I had to keep stopping because of the pain.  I was sobbing.

Twenty minutes later, I made it to the trail head.   I had decided I was just going to wait for one of my family members to get home and give me a ride.  Or ask a total stranger for mercy.  It was only a few minutes when the guy with the dogs appeared coming out of the woods from another direction.  He came over to me and asked if I needed a ride somewhere.  I graciously accepted.

Once home, I got some ice on my ankle immediately, took some ibuprofen and elevated it.  And then proceeded to sob for about 30 minutes due to the pain.  The thought of I would rather be giving birth at that moment more than I wanted to feel that pain.  It was that bad.  Probably didn’t help that I had to walk up to the trail head.

It was already a swollen, purple egg.

Does this ankle make me look like fat?…

My brother came by and took a look at it.  Thinks I may have fractured it.  Fantastic.  I promised him and the parentals I will get it looked at tomorrow if it’s still swollen tomorrow afternoon.

Hours later, I realized my right knee was hurting.  I thought it was from me crawling around in the house.  Seriously, I can only crawl or do a three-legged crab walk.  I am a ridiculous sight.  Nope, knee pain not from crawling.

It’s now been eight hours and I still can’t put any pressure on it at all.  My foot feels swollen, numb but tingly if that makes any sense.  And of course I have a race this weekend.  Guess that is not going to happen now.

So I’m a mess.  A crabby, ticked off mess.

Have you ever broken a bone before?  If this is broken, it would be a first for me.


14 thoughts on “This May Be Bad

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  5. Franklin Mase

    Oh wow your ankle looked terribly swollen. That had to hurt so fricken bad. Recently my mom did something very similar she’s never broke or sprained anything in her 44 years until just the other day. It was nowhere near as bad as yours it was just a severe sprain and even then she couldn’t move on her own.

    Though the ironic thing was we were talking about how one of us would injure ourselves eventually during our running “career” earlier that day.
    Well on our way home there is a couple hundred foot poor lit uneven dirt “trail” that cuts through this wooded area straight to our back yard. My mom suggested we take it. It’s hard to walk through let alone run through. Well half way through the alarm on her watch started to go off and she looked down taking her focus off her footing and THUD. Her left foot stepped into a small hole. Her ankle buckled and slammed knees and hands first into the ground. She let out a whimpered clenched her ankle and cried like a baby. Neither one of us even had our cell phone on us so even if it was broken there was nothing to do. She tried putting weight on it but she was writhing in pain. It was probably humiliating but the only thing I could do was pick her up and carry to the house. NOT at all was it easy carrying a 140lbs person bridal style.

    Anyways you must be one strong person to hobble along on a broken ankle like you did. I hope you’ve healed/are healing well. Godspeed.
    Here is her ankle 30 minutes after we got home it looks like nothing compared to what yours did.

  6. Whine Less Post author

    Yikes, your poor mom! That had to hurt.
    I am doing much better and continue to heal daily. Should be 100% in another 4.5 months. Thanks for the healing thoughts!

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