Paid in Pancakes

Yesterday I got the privilege of marching in a St. Patrick’s Day parade.  It was for my parents business.  It may have also involved a costume.  A head to toe costume.

On the way there, we saw some other parade participants heading downtown.

police horse trailer

I had totally forgotten we have mounted police there!

Hi Pretty Girl!

horse in trailer

I think she was excited to see meet some new friends there.

horses in parade

There were probably 7 or 8 groups of horses in the parade.  Made the term “step lively” all too important along the route!

horses in parade

Why yes, that is a cheeseburger mobile.

There were costumes of all kinds, not just the usual Irish wear.

I still have no idea what those guys were.  Star Wars, Big Bang Theory…?

I was really hoping for a nice day since I knew we would be outside for hours (4.5+).  No such luck!  It was cold.  Like maybe 30 degrees.  Plus wind.  And snow.  And sleet.  AND rain.  It was “a lovely day for a parade!”, as my dad kept telling the spectators through the entire parade route.  They all thought he was hilarious.  My face was frozen in a permanent smile so I was unable to join the laughter.

I didn’t get pictures of the parade itself because once the costume was on photos were impossible.  Blogger fail.

After the parade I needed fuel.  I kind of forgot to eat breakfast and I was starving.  Feed.Me.  I needed breakfast food and I needed it to be hot.  My brain was numb and the only place I could think serving breakfast at 2:00 PM was IHOP.  My dad agreed I deserved to be fed for my parade marching efforts.

IHOP coffee

Hot coffee to warm my hands?  Oh my, yes!  And some good, hot food to go with it?  Score!  This veggie omelet with hollandaise sauce was perfect.

ihop omelet


It also came with a side of pancakes!

ihop pancakes


Picture taken before the 32 ounces of hot maple syrup I added to the pile.  Not my fault.  The pancakes were calling for the syrup.

Do you like parades?  Do you prefer to be a participant or a spectator?  Our previous town in Oregon had a parade like once a month.  I miss them!


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