Friday Fit Fix

You may want to sit down before reading this.  You will be shocked.  I still have trouble believing it myself.  But what you are about to read is true.  Every single bit of it.  Are you ready?…

I, Shay Whine Less, worked out 5 of the last 7 days and have no residual pain.  What what?!  Told you, unbelievable.



Monday – Treadmill run at the gym while my girls had an orientation session with their trainer.

workout at gym

(OMG Becky was making a sour face.  She would die of embarrassment if I posted it for the world to see.  Literally die.  She is 15, after all.)

Thursday – Hike in the woods with my girls.  Then later in the day hit the gym with Sassy for a little strength training.  She may be addicted to the machines.

hike in woods

Friday – Abs and jump rope circuit with my trainer in the morning.  And then an afternoon hike in the woods solo.

Saturday – Treadmill run at the gym.

Sunday – Walked around for 3 hours nonstop in a parade.  Talk about having fun while getting your fitness on!

st. patrick's day parade

I am beginning to think I am just about fully recovered from my wreck last August.  And that is a very good feeling!

How was your fitness this week?


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