Trail Run Fail

I came home after work today to find a couple packages had been delivered.  Delivered and concealed.  Very nice of my delivery person to use our doormat to camouflage the packages from the world.  They are almost invisible!  Well done Delivery Person, well done.

delivered package camouflage

Today was the warmest day we have seen in a while.  It was sunny and it was glorious!

This meant one thing to me.  Trail run!

We kind of like headbands.  (Todays choices feature BIC Bands, Nike and unknown.)  And my favorite SkinnyRunner shirt!


Too bad, the run would be anything but glorious.  Only a block from our house, a car swerved trying to scare us by acting like he was going to hit us.  I totally kicked at his passenger door.  Too bad I missed.  I should probably divulge at this point, the person behind the wheel was my younger brother.  He thinks he’s funny sometimes.  I think the two of us must have have scared the poor family exiting their house as all this happened.  Good times!

And then within 10 minutes of starting, I had to stop running.  I had to stop because… well because…  I had to suddenly pee so badly, I couldn’t run another step!  I tried waiting it out a bit and kept moving/walking at a fast pace.  My girls passed me running and kept going.  No big deal.  But every time I tried to run, I had to stop.

My girls were, of course, very supportive and full of advice.  Advice such as just pop a squat.  Heck no!  The trail was the busiest I have ever seen it.  No way was I going to try that.  And honestly, even if it wasn’t busy, I wouldn’t have.  I am not OUaL, for Pete’s sake!  Oh well, I got a nice power walk in and got to take a few more pictures than normal.

Part of the trail has been under water lately.


And for the first time this season, we saw a boat out on the lake.


The girls also got a bit of a scare when they ran by this goose.  He honked so loudly, it made them jump.


This part of the trail ends in a pretty steep hill.  The girls decided to race up it.  All was well until OMG Becky spanked me as she ran by.  Then the race was really on!  I charged up past them to beat them both to the top of the hill.  Yeah for me!  Too bad I still had to pee!  :-/


Serves OMG Becky right for making fun of my running outfit early.  I wore a running skirt she hadn’t seen before.  She commented that I looked like an “overachieving soccer mom!”  It was not a compliment.

This was Sassy’s “my pits are sweaty!” move.  Such a lovely young lady.

After our run/walk, OMG Becky had softball practice.  And Sassy wanted to hit some weights.  Seriously.  She asked if we could go to the gym to lift weights.  She had a session with a personal trainer earlier this week and was anxious to work out there again.  So we did!

weight room

That is her, “I am not looking at you or smiling because I am here to be serious” look.  Nailed it.

After the weights, we headed outside for a cool down walk.  Perfect timing to enjoy this sunset!

Midwest sunset

And we may have had to stop to pick-up a fast dinner.  Chipotle for the win!


I just signed up for Blood, Sweet & Cheers to find fun & active stuff to do. Looks like fun! 


Check out Runner Girl Eats for a Sauce Headwear giveaway!


Did you get to play outside today?


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