Have You Ever?

Have you ever tried to shake up a bottle of salad dressing only to have the lid fly off resulting in salad dressing still all over the floor?

Have you ever then covered the mess up with kitchen towels because you were too busy making breakfast and lunch for your daughter and you know you are already pressed for time and that cleaning up the mess at that very moment was not happening or your daughter would  miss the bus, but you couldn’t leave the mess alone because someone might slip and fall in it so towels seemed like the logical answer?

No?  Oh okay, me neither.


I just found out Google Reader will be retired in July!  What the heck?!  I love Google Reader!  How will I ever keep up with my favorite blogs?  All 249 of them!  That might be a slight exaggeration.  Maybe.

What is a good alternative to Google Reader? 


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