Twelve is Sassy!

Sassy is 12 today!  Of course, 12 in kid years = 3 in mom years.  (Mom years are the number of years I feel I have aged since she was born.  Basically, it’s kids age divided by 4.  This totally makes sense.  Right?…)

Sassy got to pick where we were went for dinner.  She picked a bar-b-q place that is a local, nationally recognized favorite. We got there to find they were closed for remodeling!  Talk about a buzz kill.  We passed the word on to the rest of the family and picked another restaurant close by.  Unfortunately, our options were very limited and time wasn’t on our side.  We ended up at a Firehouse Subs.  Fine by me!  Their veggie sub is really tasty.

Firehouse Subs

Then our small group headed to my great aunt and uncle’s house for cake, ice cream and presents.

cookie cake

She paired her choice of cake (cookie cake!) with rainbow sherbet.  Um, okay.  Whatever you want, Sassy.  It’s your birthday.

Then it was presents time!  She was very excited anticipating a cell phone.  She was hoping, wishing, thinking she might get one since OMG Becky had gotten one for her twelfth birthday…

She was not disappointed!

cell phone gift

Hoppy wanted to check it out, too.  She is thinking she might want one…

OMG Becky got Sassy a case for her new phone.

cell phone case

How cute is that little owl?  I want one!  Though I doubt Sassy wants us to be twinsies.

If tomorrow was your birthday, what would you wish for?


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