Water Park Birthday Party

Somebody’s birthday is this week…


Sassy will be 12 this week!  We had her friends party last week.  She wanted to go to an indoor water park.  Brilliant!  Especially with the two feet of snow on the ground outside.

Slides tempted us as we entered the parking lot.

indoor waterslide

But inside it felt like a tropical paradise!

indoor water park

There are several parts to this park.  A main jungle gym.

Water slides.

indoor waterslide

Beach area with mini slides for little ones.  That’s my niece, Hoppy, in her pink floatie/jacket and purple swimsuit heading up to take a turn on the slide.  She even coaxed me into the water even though I had no intention of going in that day.  She’s hard to say no to!

A lazy river.

indoor lazy river

My nephew, Guy, LOVED the lazy river!  He spent most of the evening running with the current around it, while my dad tried to keep up with him.

indoor lazy river

They were both exhausted by the time the party was over.

The park also has a large hot tub and an obstacle rope course over a pool, a snack shack, a bar and several cabanas.  I ended up renting a cabana for the party so we could have a private area with seating and a table.  It also had a TV to entertain non-swimming adults.

Sassy opened her gifts at the end of the party.  I gave her a yoga mat with bag.  She had asked for a purple one and loved it.

Guy is the best gift giver ever.  Look at his little face!

Have you ever seen anyone more excited to give a gift?!

And in other exciting news…

I am going to be an aunt again!!!  My youngest brother and his wife are expecting!  Baby is due in October just a couple weeks before my birthday.  I am already trying to convince them Shay would be a perfect name for a girl or a boy (Shea)! This will be niece/nephew #13.  I can’t wait to meet him/her!

What gift were you most excited to give?

How many nieces/nephews do you have?  I have 9 nieces, 5 nephews and 1 on the way!


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