How to Be Popular

Want to know how to be popular?

It’s actually really simple.  Just make these to share!

chocolate chip cookie sandwich

I made these for Sassy’s birthday party.  Making them couldn’t be any easier.

chocolate chip cookie sandwich ingredients

You need two good-sized cookies per sandwich.  I was going to make my own, but saw these at the store…

Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies

A dozen, perfectly baked Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip cookies cheaper than I could make them?!  Sold!

You will also need frosting and sprinkles.  Oh yes!  Frosting AND sprinkles!

First frost the bottom of one cookie and add a cookie topper.  (Don’t worry about broken cookies, just puzzle piece them back together as a sandwich top.)  Next, hold the sandwich over a bowl while shaking on the sprinkles.  (When you run out of sprinkles, use the spoon to scoop them back into your container.)

Soon enough you will have the most delicious (& tempting!) cookie sandwiches!

Chocolate Chip Cookie sandwiches

I used three dozen cookies and two cans of frosting to make 18 cookie sandwiches.  I let them sit like this for about an hour to try allow the frosting and sprinkles to set a bit.

chocolate chip cookie sandwiches

Finally, I wrapped them in decorative baggies and tried to keep the rest of the family out of them until party time.




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What makes you popular?


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