Cajun, Comedy & Cupcakes

Those may be my favorite three C’s ever!

My Saturday started with a few hours of work and then an appointment to clean up my nails.

CND Shellac Nail Polish

CND Shellac Nail Polish in Fedora to the rescue!  Hello 14+ day color.  Actually on me, I usually get 21+ days.  Love this stuff!

Dinner was at a fun Cajun-themed restaurant.  This restaurant has been around for years and is always a good time with great bands and yummy food.

Cajun restaurant

I had an amazing stir fry with the perfect amount of kick.  (I did my usual habit of forgetting to take a picture of my plate.)  This place never disappoints unlike my photography skills.

Then my friend surprised me with these!  Six gourmet cupcakes just for me!

gourmet cupcakes

Sadly, one made was top-heavy and didn’t survive the ride.  Doesn’t mean it didn’t taste just as good!

And then another surprise.  Tickets to see an improv comedy show!

improv comedy

Our seats were front row, which made me a bit nervous.  I was put on the spot a couple of times by different comedians, but luckily, I am able to think fast on my feet!  😉

And then, when I thought I had my share of cupcake surprises…

mini oreo cupcake

They passed out free mini cupcakes and champagne to celebrate an anniversary!  The amount of frosting on top equaled the cake amount.  That is cupcake frosting done right!

What is the best meal you have had recently?

What is your favorite cake to frosting ration?


15 thoughts on “Cajun, Comedy & Cupcakes

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    Oh my cupcakes are def my fav C. Those all look so delish. I am also a huge shellac fan. I can usually get about 3 weeks too. so much better than normal polish that I end up chipping on the drive home from the salon lol

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