First Day of Spring

Did you know today is the first day of Spring?  It is!  It is the first day of meteorological  or climatological, spring.  I had no idea either until I watched the news this morning.  (I watched the news only to learn we are expecting snow three of the next five days.  My car and driveway are covered.  Again.  It won’t stop!)

Anyway, back to Spring.  I am ready for it!  And I am ready for summer!  No coats.  No boots.  And less layers.  And shorts.  And flip-flops!

Yes, that!  I want that.

But I am not really ready for it physically.  I feel like I have my winter hibernation weight hanging on for good.  It’s time to change that.  So this morning I signed up for Spring Bootie Buster Challenge at Run to the Finish.

Spring Bootie Buster Challenge

I hear it’s been changed up a bit for this round and not necessarily geared towards runners exclusively.  Either way, I am in!  The challenge starts on Monday.  You can still sign up!

How do you get ready for summer?


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