sNOw Fun

On Tuesday, as the storm was winding down, Sassy and my dad headed out on her new sled in search of hills.

sled ride

Her and her grandpa had been on a hunt for a sled since the snowstorm last week.  They were hard to find this time of year, but my dad found one on Monday and gave it to her as an early birthday gift.  She was so excited!

sled ride

It was eerily quiet outside.  No cars, no people, no animals.

After sledding for a while, they walked to my cousin’s house to get his daughter, Blondie, for a little snow fun.  Her brother also decided he wanted in on the action.

build a snowman

Great snowman builders they are!  I think Sassy’s snowman is a snowwoman wearing a tiara…

The little guy was done with the snow after that.  Inside he came to entertain OMG Becky.  She never ventured outside because she feels the same way I do about snow.  It’s yucky.

My nephew showed up to shovel the driveway and the girls quickly joined in the fun.  I use the word fun loosely.

snow shovel

And then these three brilliant minds had an idea…  They would ask neighbors if they would hire them to shovel their driveway.  Hours later, they had shoveled several and made $46 each!  They were exhausted but happy with their productive, snow day!

Then it was time for hot showers and warm, comfy clothes.

Yesterday was another snow day for the kids, but it was back to work for me.  We received a couple more inches of snow overnight because obviously we have not had enough this week.

It took me twice as long as normal to get to my first meeting of the day.  The roads were slushy.  One car spun in a circle right in front of me when a car pulled out in front of her and she tried to brake.  So scary!

One of the biggest problems all day long was the traffic lights.  Our snow had blown sideways from the north resulting in all traffic lights facing that direction to be covered in snow.

If you were lucky, you would have one light with one color visible, like the single light to the right in this photo.

It made for a very nerve-wracking drive!

And the sun finally peeked out just in time for a pretty, pink sunset!



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What is the longest you have ever been snowed in?  Just two days for us here.


7 thoughts on “sNOw Fun

  1. Erin

    Wow! That is some crazy snow. I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but I live in Australia now, and I can’t remember seeing any snow at all for a very long time, never mind a huge amount of it like that!


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