Feathered Doughnut Enchiladas

How is that for a catchy title?!…

Having to be to work on Saturdays hours before sunrise has it’s advantages.  One of them being able to watch the sun actually rise.  Wake up World!

Midwest sunrise

I noticed my hair had a certain feathered look to it last weekend.  I asked my 11 year old daughter if she thought it looked feathered.

feathered hair

She asked me when I had them put in.  Umm… what?

Apparently, we were talking about two very different things.

feather hair vs feathered hair

I am sure you are wondering where I went with my fantasically (yep, another made up word!), feathered hair.

To see live music!

live band

I told you last week in my Music Moves Me post, I had the need to hear live music.  And we did!  Great cover band playing at a local place.  Perfect night out!

We made it to my nephew’s senior night basketball game.  I took one picture.

And then my phone died.  Lovely.

As you know, we had two snow days last week.  I told you they would be spent in our pajamas.


So comfy!

I cooked twice in three days.  Crazy!  Guess I was a little bored.  I made this new Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas recipe.


It was fabulous!  The only change I made was using canned enchilada sauce instead of making my own.  I will definitely be making this again!

We started to thaw out a little today.  Which is great because more snow is coming tomorrow!  As in another foot.  With freezing rain.  And 30 MPH winds.  Oh joy.


We decided we should probably stock up on necessities.


I think we are set!


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How long has it been since you saw the sunrise?

What do you think of when you think of feathered hair?

What is the last recipe you tried?

What is your favorite kind of doughnut?  At the moment, I love chocolate frosted glazed doughnuts!


6 thoughts on “Feathered Doughnut Enchiladas

  1. Jacqueline

    Those enchiladas look so good! You need to live closer to me so I can crash your house for dinner. 😉 Watching the sun rise is one of my favorite things to do. Great shot!


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