We are in the middle of a crazy snow storm right now.  Crazy as in 2-3 inches of snow an hour is coming down for hours straight!  We are enjoying the sound of frequent thundersnow!  They have declared a Snow Emergency for the entire metro area.  State of Emergency for the entire state.  The city governments, airport, malls are all closed down.  Roads are now a parking lot, with many of them being closed down.

This photo was from 8:30 AM this morning.


And this one was taken three hours later.


Cars are disappearing!

The girls and I are enjoying a quiet snow day at home while watching the local news that has been on the air since 3:00 AM.  Chili is on the agenda today!  I stopped at the store yesterday afternoon for the ingredients only to find the store as busy as the day before Thanksgiving!  No cart to be found.  The morning news today showed pictures of mostly empty store shelves from last night.  Crazy!

My mom has spent the morning trying to track down a sled so she can play outside.  I am not even kidding.  She has made multiple calls to neighbors and family members who  live nearby.  Mind you, there is not a hill within a couple blocks of here.  Think she is hoping one of my girls will pull her around.  I told her to be sure to tie a rope to the porch and the other end to her in case she gets lost out there.

When was the last time you went sled riding?


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