The Snow People

Today was a great snow day spent indoors.  At least for me.  Others decided they needed to play outside.

bundle up

Others needed assistance with their layers.

bundle up

My mom’s quest to locate a sled today went unfulfilled.  Sadly, she learned a box is a poor substitute.  And multiple layers of snow gear may affect mobility.

HfPnqk on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

We also learned Sassy will attack the weaker snow people.

But she was a trooper and stayed outside for a good hour.

play in snow

She seemed to enjoy having snow blown on her as the driveway was cleared.  Silly girl.

snow blower

The second round of snow ended early evening.  Can you see that little dark red thing just to the left of the bush?  It’s a fire hydrant.  Or at least, the very top of the fire hydrant.  I think we had around 12″ inches of snow so far today.

The third round of snow just started recently.  A few more hours and it should be over.  School and work has already been canceled for tomorrow.  Looks like another PJ day for me!

Do you enjoy cold weather activities?  No.  Just say no to cold.


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