Music Moves Me

I noticed many of you hadn’t heard of the songs/groups I shared in past Music Moves Me posts.  I tend to lean strongly towards alternative music   Now I have a question for you…  Have you since those songs/groups on pop/Top 40 stations recently?  I noticed that it’s been about a 2-3 month delay for an alternative song to break on a pop/Top 40 station.

Anyway, enough questions.  On to this month’s version of Music Moves Me!

This song just makes me want to groove.  Though I’m not really sure I know how to groove.  I sadly have no rhythm.  But I make up for it in enthusiasm!


I bet they would be phenomenal to see live in a small setting.  Man, I love live music!!

Another band I would love to see live.  This song reminds me of an old blues song.

Still crushing on Alex Clare.

Another great song by Imagine Dragon!  This group has great song after great song recently.


This song initially caught my ear with its Uncle Si trademark “Hey!”

Perfect song out just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Now bring me some green beer.  Just kidding.  I don’t drink beer.  Do they make green rum?…

Love this woman’s voice.

Rihanna’s new song is beautiful.  Haunting, really.  Warning: mild nudity

This song is stuck in my head!  And the video cracks me up.  It makes me want to put on some footie PJ’s and chair dance!  Warning: explicit language.

And I am so happy for Wanz!  Let it be said, never give up on your dream!

After writing this post I really, really, really want to see a live band tonight!  Think I will see who is playing where…


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Tell me your current favorite song.


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