Away She Ran

Our horse friends were hanging out at the front of their pasture when we walked by on our warm up Tuesday.


I think they remember us.  At least the lighter brown horse does.  We I always talk to them and she always watches us.

And now I have some news to share.  Some news I knew was coming, but still hurts to share.

Sassy.  Sassy has finally surpassed me in running endurance.  This is my view on our runs lately.

See that white spot at the far end of the trail?  That’s her.  She has always been faster than me.  But now?  Now not only is she faster, she can run longer.  I’m pretty sure she will run beat my 5K PR in her first race this weekend.  Crap.  I mean.  Yay for her, so proud, yada yada.  😉

I also tried to get a picture of OMG Becky.  She usually runs right behind me.  And instead I ended up with this shot.

Oh the skills.  Not the mention the many colors I’m wearing.

The sun set quickly and we got the heck out of the woods.

sunset with tree

I love the woods, but not in the dark.  No thank you.

Are you afraid of the dark?


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