After our hike Sunday we had another stop to see a very special girl.

This is Baby Belle.

baby miniature Sicilian donkey

She is a three-month old miniature Sicilian donkey.  Baby Belle was orphaned and then adopted by a co-worker who does animal rescue.  Isn’t she the most adorable thing ever?!!

baby miniature Sicilian donkey

We had so much fun playing with her.  She would follow us around and do the cutest little sideways jumps while running with us.  OMG Becky whispered that we could fit Baby Belle in the back of our car.  As if I hadn’t already thought of that!  I wonder how serious the charge for donkeynapping is.  On second thought, I would probably lose my royal title at the very least.  Don’t want to chance that!

baby miniature Sicilian donkey

Baby Belle also had a thing for our shoes.  Smelling all the smells we had picked up from the trail, I guess.  All was good until she sniffed my shoe.  And then bit my big toe!  This, of course, made me jump a foot, which in turn started Baby Belle causing her to jump, too.  Poor baby didn’t know what she had done wrong!  But I forgave her.  She’s too cute not to!

Other news worthy events…

OMG Becky cracked a tooth.  This involved me taking her to her dentist one morning last week to get it fixed.  We may have had a few minutes while waiting in the exam room.  And she may have enjoyed the office music.  And I might have recorded it for your view pleasure…

Have you ever played with a miniature Sicilian donkey?  My uncle has one, but he is full-grown.  And less playful.

Should I have taken BB home with me?  I didn’t, but would love to!  I wonder what our cats would think of this addition?

If you could do animal rescue, what animal would you rescue?


3 thoughts on “Donkeynapping

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    Aw how cute! I’m allergic to basically everything except horses so I guess I’d like to rescue them 🙂 I just don’t know if they’d like my small backyard lol


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