Sunday, OMG Becky and I had a chance to explore a new trail while Sassy had softball practice in the same park.

We couldn’t find the trail head!  So we started out by walking around the edge of this hay meadow.

hay meadow

We finally found it in the back left corner of the field.

And soon enough we discovered the rain we received on Tuesday had made this trail a marsh.

We sunk into the mud with every step.  And most of the time, about lost our shoes trying to lift our feet.

What was to be a run, turned into a walk with very heavy, mud-covered shoes.  There was a lot of stopping to do some mud scraping.

After awhile, we were able to rise above the mud a bit.

But we had to be careful where we stepped because the ground would collapse under your feet.  Lots of jumping and sliding.  Talk about an adventure!  I felt like we were practicing for a Tough Mudder race.

Finally we made it out of the mud and a drier, higher area.

And we discovered a deer head on a stick in the middle of the trail.  No idea what that craziness is about.  I bet the objects of my stalking my buddies on Duck Dynasty would be in the know.  (Please tell me you watch that show!?  Love the family bond displayed.  Best show on TV right now!)

dear head, dear skull

OMG Becky had to check it out.  She was not impressed either.

We were hoping to see a horse and rider on this trail.  We knew they were out there because we had parked next to their trailer.  But we didn’t see another soul until we were back at the parking lot, digging the mud off our shoes for the final time.  Suddenly we looked up to see the horse and rider just a few yards away.

muddy shoes

And no, your eyes are not deceiving you.  My feet are a full three sizes bigger than OMG Becky’s.  She’s a shorty with even smaller feet.

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Do you watch Duck Dynasty?

What show is your guilty pleasure?


7 thoughts on “Mudtastic

  1. Whine Less Post author

    RHONJ! I watched it a couple of seasons, but not the past few. Always makes you feel better about your own life after watching an episode of that train wreck.

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