Friday Fit Fix

  • Water:  Okay this week.  Not bad really because I haven’t been drinking other things.  Not sure what the deal with that is.
  • Green tea:  Was just okay, too.  Didn’t get even at least one a day.
  • Fruits & Vegetables:  Fantastic!  Love, love, love the veggie scrambles.
  • Coffee:  Excellent this week!  Stuck to my one cup a day rule.  And only bought it out once.  But that was OMG Becky’s fault.
  • Weight Watchers:  Stayed on target most days.
  • Running:  Three glorious runs this week.  And then the temps dropped down to the single digits.  Forget that noise.
  • Fitness Classes:  Zip.
  • Other Exercise:  Nada.  Kinda just digging the running lately.  Odd for me, I know.

snow angel



What did you do for your fitness this week?


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