Greek Lasagna & Urgent Care

Saturday a miracle happened.

I cooked.  I made a lasagna.  Using a recipe.  Who am I?!

Greek lasagna

This was the vegetarian Greek lasagna from the new Veg Power cookbook from Weight Watchers.  It was so good!  Thumbs up from all adults and kids in this family.

Before lasagna, OMG Becky and I had worked up an appetite.

winter sunset

Trail run at sunset.  So pretty!

Sunday was spent at an Urgent Care facility.  OMG Becky had been hit in the wrist with a line drive at softball practice.  We wanted to make sure she didn’t break or fracture it.

urgent care

Thankfully, all was fine with the wrist.  But even after the doctor’s release, she couldn’t be talked into playing with the wall puzzle.  No fun.

But we did head to Barnes & Noble to browse and have a treat.  Treat meaning Starbucks.  Yes we did.

barnes & noble

Monday was the best winter day ever!

Yes, you read that correctly!  It was in the mid-seventies here on Monday.  Crazy.  And unfair.  I had to work most of it, but I did get a chance to take an afternoon break.  You can guess I headed for the trails.

I didn’t have enough time to get very deep into the woods.  Most of the run was the hills on the road leading to the woods.


That photo does not do them justice.  OMG Becky and I were both drenched in sweat by the end.  You are welcome for the lack of that photo.

What is in your favorite lasagna?


9 thoughts on “Greek Lasagna & Urgent Care

  1. Jade

    That sunset is very pretty. Aww, poor Becky having to go to urgent care, but at least momma took care of her and you both got to enjoy Starbucks! Yum!

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