Friday Fit Fix

  • Water:  So good this week!  And I only had one soda.
  • Green tea:  Lots of green tea this week.  Mostly because it was so cold.
  • Fruits & Vegetables:  Good week here.  More veggies this week then ever before.  Getting most of them in as part of an egg scramble.
  • Coffee:  Only one cup a day most days.  Had two cups one day.  And bought it out once.  Very good for me!
  • Weight Watchers:  Stayed on target 6/7 days.  Other day?  I bought a package of Russell Stover Sugar Less Pecan Clusters.  I had no self-control.  Luckily, it was a small bag.  :-/
  • Running:  Two runs this week.  I am a fair-weather runner.  Temps in the teens are not my thing.
  • Fitness Classes:  Didn’t happen.
  • Other Exercise:  Didn’t happen.  Not the best fit fix week.
If you’re interested in workouts or lack there of, you can find me on DailyMile, username WhineLess.
How was your fitness this week?

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