Odd Happenings & Food-Flavored Lip Balms

Sometimes odd things just happen.  Odd, but good.  And that’s the best kind.  Right?

Tuesday on my way home from work, I was driving through a shopping center.  The speed limit was something crazy like 5 MPH and I was doing my best to not speed.  One of my favorite songs was on the radio.  You can bet I was singing along like I was part of the stage show.  Because you know, in my head, I am.  So I’m slowly driving along, signing the leader singer parts of the song and notice there’s a car coming towards me in the opposite lane.  And the guy driving?  He’s singing the back-up parts to the exact same song!  And the best part?  He sees me at the same time singing the same song and we both start laughing.  Of course, we continued singing.

sing alone



Yesterday when I arrived at the location of my afternoon meeting, I was noticed something moving along the building near the entrance.  Chickens!  A flock of chickens.  You have to understand I was on a secure facility campus surrounded by gates, fences topped with barbed wire/razors, security and cameras.  I usually have to go to this campus once or twice a month and have never seen chickens roaming the grounds.  I asked a man as he was exiting the building what the deal was.  He informed me they live nearby and occasionally make their way on the grounds, but cause no harm so they allow them.  Makes sense!  I was going to take a picture of the chickens to share, but cameras aren’t allowed on the grounds without a pass.  😦

And then there’s this, as seen at Justice.  Food-flavored lip balms.

food-flavored lip balms

Maple Bacon, Bacon, Pickle, Popcorn, Pepperoni Pizza, Ketchup and Hamburger.  These are beyond odd.  I can’t imagine they taste good.  Girls, just say no to food-flavored lip balms.

Not odd, but I have to share anyway.  Yesterday between meetings, I had time to fit in a run!  It was the best afternoon break ever.  The past few days here have been in the teens, barely reaching 20 one day.  So when I left one meeting and saw it was sunny and 47 outside, I knew I had to take advantage.  I had just enough time to run, take the fastest shower I have ever taken, get dressed again and head to my next meeting.  I got there with right on time!

Any odd happenings around you lately?

What food-flavored lip balm would you like to try?


8 thoughts on “Odd Happenings & Food-Flavored Lip Balms

  1. Runner Girl Eats

    Hahaha I love pulling up next to cars singing the same song as me. And yes, those lip balms seem disgusting. Grosssss.


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