A First! Kombucha

Friday was my only day off this week.  It was a day full of random errands that needed to be done.  Starting early with a trip to the store to pick up a few ingredients for a chili cook-off to happen on Saturday.

shopping cart

I picked up a little something new to try…

synergy kombucha

Kombucha!  I thought it was… just okay.  It wasn’t bad, but not really anything I think I would feel the urge to have again.  But at least now I know.

Next on the agenda was a doctor appointment.  After leaving there I passed through a small community lake area and saw several emergency vehicles lined up.

Cold water rescue training!

cold water rescue training

This route also included part of my previous commute.  I noticed something new along the way…

vintage phone booth

A vintage phone booth?!  Not sure why it is there.  It’s at the end of someone’s driveway on a concrete slab, but it appears to be empty.  Maybe it’s a shelter from the elements for a child while he/she waits for the bus?

Then I arrived at my next destination.  A race course!

Sassy and I are registered for a race next month.  I wanted to check out the route.  Another lake to run around.  Yes, please!

Isn’t it pretty?

Then it was coffee time.


I felt I owed it to myself after trying the kombucha.  😉

After a few more picture-less boring errands, it was time to get back home for my girls arrival from school.  And that meant it was time for our run!  Sassy lead the way on our warm-up walk.

It was windy.  Like 30 mph winds.  It was fun when it was flapping our shirt arms like wings.  And then a gust would literally blowing us sideways.  Fun times for sure.

Once we hit the woods, the trees cut the wind a bit.  Sassy lead the run until the final minute when OMG Becky decided to blow past us both to sprint to the finish.

And then she died.

Do you like kombucha?

When is your next race?


6 thoughts on “A First! Kombucha

    1. Whine Less Post author

      It tasted like a sparkling juice,but more vinegary than sweet. Mine was floater-free, but yes, the bottle stated they may be present due to the fermentation process. It’s suppose to be good for you with its probiotics and antioxidants.


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