Brows Be Gone

Since moving back to the area, I’ve been searching for a good brow wax. Tonight I tried a new place. I will not be going back.

I should have known something was going to go wrong when I laid down on the table and she immediately started trimming my brows without saying anything about them to me. I interjected with telling her how I wanted my brows to look. I like them fuller, with a more natural look. I just needed them cleaned up with a little shaping.

I walked out of there with the most narrow eyebrows I’ve ever had in my life! Does she get paid per hair she pulls out of my face?! I sure hope so because I think I left half my brows in her room. I wonder how long these are going to take to grow back.

bad brow wax

Not a happy face.

Sassy and I had a great run today. The Sun was shining bright net was almost 50 degrees! The perfect day to be in the woods running along the lake.

run lake trail

Sassy is a natural runner and much faster than me. If she keeps this up, soon she’ll be able to beat me in endurance, too. Guess I will just have to train harder! 😉

And I looked pretty clashy doing it.

Goodnight, did anything I wore match?  Nope.  Lots of neon working against each other.  Orange tank, yellow shirt, black jacket with turquoise trim, gray tights with hot pink trim.  Between my runners’ hair and my running outfits, it really is a surprise I’m single said no one ever.

This needed to be done.


My car had gone from its nice, charcoal gray color to a milky, cloudy, white, salt-covered mess. I think I wash my car more in the winter here just to remove the rust-causing salt that I ever do in the summer. Can winter be over now, please?

I have a confession.  I am a car dancer.  Please tell me I am not the only one!  There is one song at the moment, I just can’t sit still during.  And somehow I left it and two other great songs off my Music Moves Me post yesterday.  I guess that’s what happens when I scroll too quickly through my list of tagged songs on Shazam.

This song.  This one is my car dance song.  I can’t help it!  Don’t judge.  And the awkward photos moments in this video can’t be beat!


Another song by Grouplove, my favorite hippie band!

What’s your brow style?

How often do you wash your car in the winter?

Are you a car dancer?


10 thoughts on “Brows Be Gone

  1. TorontoRunner

    I’ve had the same waxing issues in the past. Ughhh, I’m sorry!!
    Btw, I TOTALLY thought of your blog name – whine less, breathe more – as I was having a super moody and off day yesterday! haha!

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    I’ve had a few bad experiences with waxing/plucking. I hate it when they’re too thin and my skin is super sensitive so I’ve had a few bad reactions. Needless to say I don’t wax too often and try to shape myself lol

    1. Whine Less Post author

      I have to be careful with skin sensitivity myself. I finally discovered not to wax the week before, the week after or during my period. TMI? It really narrows my waxing window, but I don’t have any issues if I stick to that schedule.

  3. Alex @ therunwithin

    never heard of this band so I am checking them out now. i am so with you on brows, i am super particular so only get them done in my hometown since (remember I haven’t lived at home for the past four and a half years, yikes!) I know I need to find someone near me so they don’t get to be beasts but I am terrified of them messing up!

  4. Whine Less Post author

    It’s so hard to hide a bad brow wax! It’s not like I want to just cut bangs to cover them. Okay, I do, but I won’t. Good luck in your search, too!

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    1. Whine Less Post author

      I have heard of it. There is a place in the mall that does it, but I’m not really a fan of having it done in plain view at such a public place. I should see if a salon/spa does it…

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