Softball & Nails

For a day off, yesterday sure was a busy one.

First we had to get the party animals up and ready for church.  They had a great time the night before!


Pedicures, hair curling rod practice, iPods, massages and ice cream.  Fun stuff!

OMG Becky, my niece (Myo) and I worked a fundraising table at church between services.

They may have gotten a little bored between crowds.

Then it was time for a quick-lunch before heading back to church for a youth group and parents meeting.


Mmm, Fazoli’s!  I had the Chicken Mushroom Alfred Bake (minus the chicken, and the camera flash apparently).  And a breadstick, of course.  Their breadsticks are the best!

After the meeting, Sassy and I headed to her first softball practice of the season.  An hour of fielding…

indoor softball practice facility

…and an hour of batting practice.  She loved it and was happy to be back at it.

indoor softball practice facility

Back home, OMG Becky insisted on giving us all flower nail art.

nail art

Aren’t we pretty!

Don’t let this sunshiney (yep, I made that word up) picture deceive you.  It was freezing here yesterday.


Other than the sudden shift in weather, it was a great weekend filled with girly stuff that flew by way too quickly.

How was your weekend?


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