Cards, Spinach, Bangs & Water

The last couple of days has been a bit hectic for me.  Nothing too exciting to share so how about some total random photos?  Glad we agree.  😉

I finally used the Starbucks gift card Santa left in my stocking!

starbucks gift card

Mind you, I took this photo in the drive-thru after ordering my drink.  But by the time I advanced in the car line, paid for my drink, received my drink and pulled away, I totally forgot to take a picture of its goodness.  Blogger of the Year material!  Sigh.  Either way, it was a Chai Tea Latte.  And now I want another one!

My new favorite breakfast!

egg scramble

Two eggs with sautéed (in one tsp olive oil) mushrooms, spinach  and red onion.  Topped with a bit of feta cheese.  Oh so good and filling!  I had this yesterday morning and seriously was no hungry for lunch until about six hours later.

I bought a couple of containers of spring salad mix and a giant bag of spinach from Costco for a potluck salad luncheon at work.  Everyone went for the spring mix and barely touched the spinach.  Now I have a LOT of spinach to use up.  I think I am up to the challenge!  You can expect to see many photos of green things here soon.

I am STILL growing my bangs out.  Seems to be a never-ending process.  I wear headbands a lot when I work out.  Or this…


Twist and clip.  So pretty.  Not sure what the lovely streak across my cheek is.  Looks like clown make-up, if you ask me.

Yesterday, I got the chance to drive by my old house.  I miss this commute!


And I noticed they have done a lot of work on the trail that ran along the river next to our old subdivision.

river trail

I checked into it and found out the trail now runs over 11 miles one way.  I will be exploring it very soon!

OMG Becky showing off her new favorite sweater she got for Christmas.  Still can’t believe she is fifteen now.

OMG Becky

How is that even possible?  I realized this morning, she is as close to being 30 years old and as is to being the infant I remember.  Blows my mind.

The lake next to our subdivision at sunset earlier this week.

sunset over lake

Scenes like this really help when I miss Oregon.

Do you hang on to gift cards or spend them right away?

Have you ever had to grow out your bangs?  How long did it take?

Do you live near a body of water?


10 thoughts on “Cards, Spinach, Bangs & Water

  1. Jade

    I live near Lake Superior! Love water 🙂 I tried to grow out all my hair over the summer and fall then realized I like it shorter! Be patient!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Welcome Alex! You are too sweet! Three years? Oh my. Guess I have awhile to go. I am only a year into it and still can’t tuck them behind my ears yet.

  2. Jacqueline

    Great sunset shot! I live in the bay area, the water is about a mile & a half away.
    I remember growing out my bangs several years ago. It actually doesn’t take too long and cute headbands help keep you patient. 😉


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