Activity Award

My girls and I have been working on our fitness!  I’m not sure what has gotten into them.  Do you think they missed me so much over their Christmas holiday, that they want nothing more than to spend every moment with me?!!

You’re probably right.  I doubt that theory, too.

Friday, we had a plank challenge.  This is us gearing up.

plank challenge

Some of us might not have taken it very seriously.  It may have been because it was someone’s first time ever doing a plank.  And she is a bit of a giggle-box.

I won’t say there were any losers, but I did hold my plank the longest.  Winner, winner, chicken veggie dinner!

Then we took turns running the stairs.  It was fabulous and worked up a sweat quickly!

Later in the evening, OMG Becky asked me about going for a run the next day.  I swear it was if my ears were deceiving me!  And then.  And THEN!!  Sassy said she wanted to go running with me, too!  I thought I had died and gone to mommy happiness heaven.  Of course, then I thought they might change their mind when it was actually time to run.

But they didn’t!

We hit the same trail as our previous run to do day 2 of the Couch to 5K program.

woods trail

There was less snow making for a slushy, and sometimes muddy, mess.  How could you not love this?

The lake looked a little less frozen, even though there was less sun to warm it.  We caught glimpses of it occasionally.

winter lake

I wanted to take a picture of the three of us at the end of our run.  And being the amazing photographer I am, most of them looked like this…  Great.

A little better.  Someday, I will get the hang of this phone camera thingy.  Or not.

Huffing it up a hill during our cool down.  Don’t they look happy?  If those two faces are an indication of their run, I may be going solo next time.  :-/

Walk left, ride right.  Safety first!

Back home for some stretching, water and dark chocolate almond milk.  Mmm, mmm good!

And yes, I am still using a Christmas cup.  Year round baby!  I’m a rule-breaker like that.  And no, I didn’t wear a necklace on my run.  This photo was after I had changed the location of my ActiveLink from being clipped on my chest (sports bra) to wearing it loose on a necklace.

So here is a change of attitude I have to share with you.  Remember how OMG Becky thought she looked like a dork in my running clothes?  Apparently that’s because they were MY running clothes.  Now she wants some gear of her own.  And Sassy chimed in with her, too.

I really don’t want to buy them things to only be worn once or twice.  Hate wasting money!  So we have come up with a plan.  The girls will earn $1 per day they do an activity with me to use towards gear of their choose.  A reward, if you will. Hopefully by doing the activity long enough to earn gear, it will become a habit.  And if it’s a habit, the gear will actually get used.  I think it’s a win-win all around!

What is your after workout drink?  I like my dark chocolate almond milk anytime of the day!  I will use any excuse to drink it.

Do you use a fitness monitor?  Which one?

Which piece of gear do you use the least?


6 thoughts on “Activity Award

  1. Jade

    Your girls are so cute! That plan to earn running clothes is genious. I love choc milk or gatorade after a run, depending on how long I ran. It must feel so great to be back to running!

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    Hopefully the girls will keep up the running so they get some new gear and you get some new running buddies 🙂


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