Snow & Toes

Yesterday someone surprised me and offered to go for a run with me.  I promptly passed out from the shock.  When I recovered, I was more than pleased to accept OMG Becky’s offer.

You have to understand OMG Becky pretty much hates running.  Think she has only gone with me a couple of times ever.  And the last few times she went on one of my runs, she rode her bike.

Today’s high was in the low 30’s.  Brrr!  OMG Becky didn’t really have anything of her own to wear.  So she got the privilege of wearing my running clothes.  Such a joy to listen to her complain about how big everything was on her.  Um, yeah.  We are not exactly the same size.

And she also stated that she looked like a dork.  Wait a minute little missy!  That remark is a little hard not to take personally when you are wearing my clothes from head to toe.  Teenagers!

Oh, and I was not allowed to take her picture on this outing either.  So here is a picture of the pretty trail.  😉

winter trail run

Can someone please tell me why the gravel trail is covered in snow while the woods around it seem to be snow free?

winter trail run

I am sure there is a simple answer, but it is beyond me.  I just don’t understand!  And it kind of makes my head hurt to ponder it too much.

I got to wear the new tech touch gloves I got for Christmas!

running tech gloves

And the little tech touch finger tips actually work!  Yay!

We did an easy run/walk combo, starting on Day 1 of the Couch 2 5K program.  I am hoping if I ease her into it, she will want to keep going with me!  A mom can dream, right?


In other exciting news, I made a discovery this week about my toes.  I need to know if this is normal.  Don’t worry, my feet are freshly pedicured for your viewing pleasure.

I discovered I can bend my toe down and then forward.  Please see the second toe from the top as an example.

bendy toe

So then I tried it with my other toes.  And they do the same thing!

bendy toes

Is this normal?  Are my toes weird?  I tried to do this with my fingers and cannot.  So I need my BFFs here to help me out with this one.

As you can see, you have important science questions today!

Can you do this with your toes or is there something wrong with my toes?

Why is that trail covered in snow?


8 thoughts on “Snow & Toes

  1. Cinnamon

    “the last few times she went with me on a run, she rode her bike” HA! That made me LOL.
    My toes do it too!! I had no idea. I love learning new things on Fridays. 😉

  2. Jade

    My toes are freakishly short so they don’t do that. They may be missing a joint or something?? That is awesome that Becky wanted to run with you!

  3. Whine Less Post author

    Maybe it’s like being able to roll your tongue?
    I’m still in shock about her running with me, too. Supposedly she is going again with me this afternoon. We will see!

  4. Amanda

    Haha my toes do that as well. I can’t believe you just noticed it?! I’ve been doing it to entertain myself since I was about 4


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