Me Gifts

Yesterday morning my mom asked if I wanted to go with her for a pedicure later in the day.  Like the answer to that question would ever be no!  I hadn’t had a pedicure since the weekend after I moved here back in September.  I was way overdue!  I will spare your eyes and not show you a before picture.  You are welcome.


I even remembered to bring flip-flops and my PediSox.

pedicure socks, pedisox

These are the best!  My mom was very jealous of my warm(er) feet.

Then we headed out to Target in our flip-flops because I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket.  A new pair of Yurbuds was first on my list!  And look what I found.  Six colors to pick from and all on sale!  Did you see my tease on Instagram?


Can you guess what color I picked?








Aqua, of course!  Just like I had on my Christmas list.

aqua Yurbuds

Aren’t they pretty?  🙂

I also had a much-needed item I wanted to get while I was there.

combination lock

A shiny new lock!  This meant the old lock needed to come off my gym bag somehow.

cut off lock

Bolt cutters to the rescue!  Took all of two seconds to snap it off.

Big Saturday night for me!  😉


Today after church, we went to brunch at Cracker Barrel.  I hadn’t been there in years and was a bit overwhelmed by the menu.  I ended up just duplicating my mom’s order.

cracker barrel breakfast

Two eggs over medium, hash brown casserole and sourdough toast.  It was good, not fancy, but good.

We spent the afternoon returning a couple of Christmas gifts and then a quick stop at Costco.  Is there such a thing?!


I knew I wanted more Adidas sports socks I am a fan of.  And then something next to it caught my eye…

Kirkland Merino Wool Trail socks, Adidas sport socks

Merino light wool trail socks from Kirkland.  I got a pack with three pairs in it for the same price I usually get just one pair for.  I have high hopes for them!

Tonight we headed to my oldest brother’s house for a family dinner.

After dinner we broke out a new game my nephew received for Christmas.  It’s a trivia game of sorts called Kids Battle the Grown-Ups.

Five of us so-called adults played the four oldest kids there (16-21 years old).  The kids won the first game, barely.  And then the adults rallied to win the second.  It was awesome!

family game night

But the best part of the evening was when we were determining the youngest person on the adult team.  My nieces thought I was younger than their stepmom.  Nope!  I am a good five years older.  It’s the little things in life, you know.  😉

When was your last pedicure?

What brand of headphones do you use?

What did you have for breakfast today?

Have you tried those Kirkland socks?


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